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Provider Services

Speak with a Provider Services Representative: 1.877.MERITAIN (1.877.637.4824)
Additional information is available on the back of the member's ID Card.
Please have the patient's group and member ID numbers handy. 
Please note:
If you are a plan participant and you have an inquiry about your plan, please dial the 1.800 number located on the back of your member ID Card or call 1.877.MERITAIN (1.877.637.4824). If you are a current client or a broker inquiring about an existing Meritain Health plan, please contact your Client Relationship Manager or call 1.877.MERITAIN (1.877.637.4824).

If you are a broker or prospective client and would like to speak with a Meritain Health sales representative, please call 1.800.242.6226 or email sales@meritain.com.