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Bored with your workout? Try these five tips



No matter where you are in a workout routine, a mental rut can strike when you least expect it. Like the gym’s version of writer’s block, you suddenly can’t find the motivation to start your next workout. Then one missed day becomes several and now your routine is derailed.

You can avoid getting bored with your routine by trying a few of these tips:

1. Work with a personal trainer. One of the best, and safest, ways to try different exercises is to work with a personal trainer. Your trainer can challenge you with new exercises that best fit your body and experience level. They’ll also teach you the proper techniques for exercises, saving you from potential injuries.

2. Turn a workout day into a game with friends. Get together with a mix of friends, family and strangers for some friendly competition. You might join a local sports league or gather at a nearby park for a game of softball, kickball, basketball or Frisbee football. Active sports can give you better health benefits than a 45-minute gym session, and you get to socialize and meet new friends!

3. Know when it’s time to challenge yourself. Keep workouts interesting by changing your routine a little each day. If you’re using weights, vary the number of reps you’ve been targeting, or change the amount of weight you’re using. If you’re working out with cardio equipment, you can quicken your tempo or add resistance. Challenging yourself to hit higher performance levels can invigorate a tired routine.

4. Know your schedule and give your routine a real chance. When scheduling your workouts, pick times that don’t conflict with other commitments, and during which you’ll be energetic. You should try to avoid scheduling workouts on days with greater priorities on the calendar, such as deadlines or meetings. Keeping your schedule manageable is a key part to being able to stay committed.

5. Add music or change/update your playlist. Listening to your favorite playlist can boost your energy and help you keep a higher tempo during workouts. Simply update your playlist regularly to keep your tunes engaging. If you don’t have time to update your playlist, consider using premade lists on apps such as Spotify, Amazon Music or Pandora. 

If you’re still finding yourself wanting to skip your next workout, just think of the long-term goal that got you moving in the first place. Whether it was a health scare, being healthy for your kids, fitting into your favorite pants or just wanting to be your healthiest, don’t lose sight of what matters most to you—then get back to your routine. You can do it!

*This article is for informational purposes only, and is not meant as medical advice.