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Hospitals and Healthcare Systems

Meritain Health understands the challenges hospitals and healthcare systems face. We address concerns such as tight budgets, employee relations, consolidation and reimbursement with our customized benefit plans. We offer flexible plan designs to help you achieve your financial and administrative goals through consultation, ongoing communication and recommendations for and continued plan efficiency. 


Meritain Health offers hospitals and healthcare systems unique solutions, including, but not limited to:


  • System flexibility, which allows us to offer up to a five-tiered benefit structures to guide employees toward domestic providers, typically leading to cost savings.
  • Preferred providers that are not part of the hospital system, but cover gaps in care for the benefit tier with domestic providers.
  • Customizable tiers based on procedure codes. 
  • ID Cards that reflect the hospital system’s logo.

For additional costs, we offer:


  • Robust enhanced reporting on quality and efficiency metrics, care delivery practices, patient care and utilization with primary care physicians, high-risk patient populations and industry benchmarks and compliance baselines.
  • Enhanced medical management reporting packages.
  • DocConnect, a customizable provider search tool, to aid in steerage to domestic providers.