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Ten Random Acts of Kindness that Don’t Cost a Thing



Love and compassion make the world go ‘round! We can all use a little kindness in our lives, especially when it’s unexpected. You’ve probably heard the term “random acts of kindness”—like picking up the tab of the next person in line at your favorite coffee shop, or covering the toll of the person behind you at a toll booth. Little actions like these can make a big difference in someone’s day! But what happens if you don’t have a few extra bucks to help someone else? Well, that’s OK—there’s plenty you can do for your fellow humans, completely free of charge:


1. Donate clothing and home goods.  Your gently used items can provide warmth or support to someone less fortunate. Clean out your closets and kitchen to donate small appliances, children’s toys, towels, shoes and clothes.


2. Leave a good online review. So many turn to Yelp or TripAdvisor to report a less-than-stellar experience, but what happens when you’ve had a great one? Consumers really do base purchases on online reviews, and your positive words can help boost the reputation of a business. 


3. Register as an organ donor. You know what they say—you can’t take it with you! But you CAN register online to give the gift of life to a person in need.


4. Give the benefit of the doubt. You know that person who bumped into you and didn’t say “excuse me,” or that car that cut you off on the way into work this morning? You never know the situation they’re currently dealing with. Assume they knew better, and just forgive and forget.


5. Keep sticky notes and a pen on hand. Then, when you want to leave a short compliment for your spouse, friend, coworker, child or even a stranger—you’re ready!


6. Smile. It’s free and just might change the course of someone’s day. Bonus points if you smile at someone who’s currently scowling!


7. Leave coupons near items at the store. Got any unused coupons? Why not leave them on the shelf next to the items and help someone save a few dollars?


8. Dole out fist-bumps. At work, at home, at the gym, or your next 5k—everyone around you is working hard and can use the extra motivation to keep going. Give them your camaraderie and encouragement with a simple fist-bump.


9. Mow for your neighbor. If you’ve already got your mower out, why not head to the lawn adjacent yours and give their grass a trim? This is especially helpful for elderly neighbors and parents of young children, who may have difficulty with regular lawn care.


10. Hold the door. It’s simply being polite, but not everyone remembers to do it! Check behind you and hold the door for those heading in after you.


It only takes a few seconds to be kind


The thing about kindness is that it’s contagious. And once you get started with these ten actions, you may find yourself thinking of other things you can do to help those around you. It just takes a little motivation to get started. How will you make a difference?