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Success Stories

Our members get the healthcare support they need to live their healthiest lives. Check out these real-life stories of hope, guidance, recovery and peace of mind.



A Journey from Unhealthy to Healthiest
Our client—Military Sales and Service—was recently recognized as one of the Healthiest Companies in America by biometric screening vendor Interactive Health.


New Healthy Merits Worksite Screening Study
Our Worksite Screening Study examines the effectiveness of our Healthy Merits Wellness Program across our participating clients.


How Missoula Federal Credit Union Became One of the Healthiest Companies in America
One client’s journey from rising healthcare costs—to healthy, active employees.


A Future Restored
When a lung cancer diagnosis threatened Patrick’s future, the right care made all the difference.


A New Beginning
Marcy’s Member Experience Advocate facilitated coverage for treatment of her colon cancer.


Happy, Healthy and Pain-Free
A young boy with Crohn’s Disease got his life back through specially mixed medication


Emergency Surgery Saves a Life
Emergency surgery and cost negotiation saved Hector’s life—and peace of mind


A Miraculous Recovery
A near-tragic bike accident left Seth in need of urgent medical evacuation


A Healthy New Start
Perseverance and disease management support helped Evelyn lose weight and get active


One Last Wish
After a devastating diagnosis, the quick response of a Medical Transportation team helped Ellen get home to her family.


The Day Everything Changed
A worried mom, a child in need of medical care and the uplifting conversation that made all the difference.


The Gift of More Time
A rare form of breast cancer required emergency treatment to improve Alicia’s chances of survival.


The Long Road Toward Success
Vivian had a bright future when a mental health diagnosis threatened her life plans.


Hope + Support = Recovery
Breast cancer treatments were more difficult than Vicky ever imagined—but case management helped her enter remission.



A Healthy High-Risk Pregnancy
A young mom-to-be with multiple health complications received much-needed healthcare support. 



How a Meritain Health Client Boosted Employee Well-Being and Plan Savings