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Unplug for Just One Day



From sundown on Friday, March 1 until sundown on Saturday, March 2, the U.S. celebrates taking a breather from connectivity. On the National Day of Unplugging, you’re invited to “just say no” to the pinging, chiming and vibrating from your cell phone, mobile device and computer. The goal is to re-connect with the world and people around you, free from the distraction of endless information. 


You can do it!

If the thought of leaving your device unattended for 24 hours gives you anxiety, just think of all the things you can do with your 24 hours of disconnected freedom! (Spoiler alert: you can always keep your device safely stowed in your purse, pocket or glove compartment in case of emergencies.)


If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for how to spend your day “off the grid”, don’t worry—we’ve got you!



24 hours, 24 possible activities:

1. Take a hike with your family, friends or pooch

2. Read a book or magazine

3. Grab coffee with a friend

4. Choose an arts and crafts project to do with your children

5. Wash, wax and vacuum your car

6. Work out—go to the gym, run, walk, bike, spin, swim or dance

7. Volunteer

8. Grab a cookbook, find recipes, shop for ingredients and cook away!

9. Clean and organize a closet

10. Go to the park or some local green space

11. Do lots of laundry

12. Go on a date

13. Go to a concert or see some local live music

14. Choose a fun new color and paint a room in your home

15. Spend time with your family playing board games

16. Bake a cake from scratch

17. Go to a sporting event, or get a group together for a quick game of pick-up

18. Check out local businesses for an afternoon of shopping

19. Get artistic—draw, paint, color, sculpt, sew or build

20. Call someone you haven’t caught up with in a while

21. Get your hair cut

22. Take a day trip to a town or city you’ve never been—check out the sights and sounds

23. Write—a short story, journal entry, letter or the beginning of your first novel

24. Go out for ice cream


How did you spend your day unplugged?

Take some time to reflect on how you spent your day offline. It’s refreshing to enjoy the world around you minus a digital connection! Make plans to unplug on a regular basis and spend time with family, friends, pets or nature, or just doing something you enjoy on your own.