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    Coming Soon! New Meritain Health Website


    As we get ready to usher in spring, the Meritain Health team has been busy at work on some exciting updates. We are pleased to announce we’ll be launching a completely updated website soon!   With our refreshed site, you’ll see our story jump to life in new and captivating ways. We want to help you know us better—while getting to know you better, as well.   We’ve been working tirelessly on enhancements and boosted functionality, all aimed at ensuring the best … Read MoreComing Soon! New Meritain Health Website

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    Living Healthy at Home with Virtual and Smart Fitness Devices


    We all want to live healthy. Whether it’s through clean dieting, going for walks or runs, weight training, doing yoga or anything in-between. Many people used to rely on working out with friends or scheduling classes with personal trainers to stay motivated. But when quarantine hit, we found ourselves forced to look for alternatives with fitness centers closed or access limited. As the world went online to find ways to stay connected, the fitness world did the same.  Through new and … Read MoreLiving Healthy at Home with Virtual and Smart Fitness Devices

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    Things to Look Forward to When the Weather Gets Colder


    As the warm, sunny days draw to an end and the weather gets colder, some of us get into the routine of hunkering down and staying inside. It might be hard to enjoy the colder temperatures if you’re unsure of how to fill your time during the fall and winter months. But never fear! Cold weather benefits far surpass shorter days and runny noses.   If you’re dreaming of something to look forward to this winter, we’ve got you covered. The number one way to get through the cold … Read MoreThings to Look Forward to When the Weather Gets Colder

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