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    Bored with your workout? Try these five tips


    No matter where you are in a workout routine, a mental rut can strike when you least expect it. Like the gym’s version of writer’s block, you suddenly can’t find the motivation to start your next workout. Then one missed day becomes several and now your routine is derailed. You can avoid getting bored with your routine by trying a few of these tips: 1. Work with a personal trainer. One of the best, and safest, ways to try different exercises is to work with a personal … Read MoreBored with your workout? Try these five tips

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    Fifteen Tips for Biking to Work


    May is National Bike Month in the United States, with Bike to Work Week taking place from May 13–19. It’s a great reminder of the fun—and benefits—you can experience by taking your two-wheeler for a spin! Biking is a great way to fit in your exercise for the day, while helping reduce the harmful emissions cars release into our environment. You can also save on the cost of gas while improving your physical fitness. If you’re on the fence about taking your morning … Read MoreFifteen Tips for Biking to Work

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    Music: the tune-up your body and mind just might need


    While music can often seem like an afterthought or just something to fill the silence, it can be a powerful player in your journey to a healthier you. Research suggests links between the use of music, and improved mental and physical health. During National Music Week (May 5–12, 2019), you can take advantage of some of the ways music can help you feel better, inside and out. These include: Reducing stress. Try to be mindful of the music you play during your morning commute to work. Play … Read MoreMusic: the tune-up your body and mind just might need

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