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    Ten Family-Friendly Summertime Activities


    As the weather warms up and school ends for the year—parents everywhere start to wonder how they’ll keep the littles occupied during the summer months. With longer days, there’s even more daylight to fill, and this is the perfect opportunity to do more outside. The summer ushers in plenty of healthy and fun activities families can do together. You can enjoy each other’s company, strengthen bonds and enjoy the summertime months with the following ten activities: 1.  … Read MoreTen Family-Friendly Summertime Activities

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    Why it’s Good to Be Different


    Companies often follow the lead of their competitors. If company A provides a product consumers seek, company B feels they can attract these same consumers by offering the same product. But it doesn’t always make sense to just “follow the leader.” Sometimes we need to take a chance and think about things a little (or a lot) differently. That’s how we move forward as a society, and invent, inspire and evolve. Doing things differently doesn’t just help a company … Read MoreWhy it’s Good to Be Different

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    Three Reasons to Give Walking Meetings a Try


    How many meetings do you have each week—or even each day? After too many, you may begin to feel drained, especially if you’re inside, sitting in a conference room or at a desk. Walking meetings can help!  If you’re looking to spice things up and add something new to your routine, see if your coworkers or boss are open to a walking meeting. Meetings on-the-move can help you: • Boost creativity. Steve Jobs was a big fan of walking meetings because it helped him … Read MoreThree Reasons to Give Walking Meetings a Try

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