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    Yoga is for every BODY!


    Yoga is an activity that targets your full body—mentally and physically. It allows you to achieve inner peace and tranquility as you strengthen and tone muscles throughout your body. Yoga helps relieve stress and open your mind, sharpening your focus as you breathe deeply and transition through poses. It also helps improve your balance, which is important to maintain as you get older. One of the key reasons for yoga is popular is its versatility. Anyone can do yoga. From teenagers to … Read MoreYoga is for every BODY!

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    Seven ways to add more happiness to your life


    In a perfect world, we would experience happiness all the time. But unfortunately, ruts happen, which can make it harder to be positive. It can be easy to get trapped in an everyday routine that seems monotonous….and joyless. But sometimes all it takes is a change or two to help turn your mood around! Just try one of these seven tips to add a little more happiness to your day:   1.) Get a pet. Not only do pets provide a source of comfort, studies have shown they can even help lower … Read MoreSeven ways to add more happiness to your life

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    Supporting our members and clients in times of crisis


    Aetna Behavioral Health is offering its Resources For Living (RFL) Employee Assistance Program resources to community members who have been affected by the recent tragedies regardless of whether or not they are RFL customers. Affected individuals can contact RFL at 1-833-327-AETNA (1-833-327-2386) for telephonic consultation to help cope with the emotional impact of this event. RFL’s professionals have experience dealing with traumatic events and can be available to provide specific … Read MoreSupporting our members and clients in times of crisis

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