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    Unplug for Just One Day


    From sundown on Friday, March 1 until sundown on Saturday, March 2, the U.S. celebrates taking a breather from connectivity. On the National Day of Unplugging, you’re invited to “just say no” to the pinging, chiming and vibrating from your cell phone, mobile device and computer. The goal is to re-connect with the world and people around you, free from the distraction of endless information.    You can do it! If the thought of leaving your device unattended for 24 … Read MoreUnplug for Just One Day

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    Easy Shopping Tips for a Healthy Heart


    Easy Shopping Tips for a Healthy HeartFollow these quick tips to get heart-healthier today!   How’s your heart-health know-how? It’s easier than you may think to improve the health of your heart and small steps can add up to big results. Good nutrition is one of the most important things you can do for your heart. And it all starts at the grocery store!   Heart-healthy shopping tips Supermarkets are very good at influencing food purchases beyond what you came for—and … Read MoreEasy Shopping Tips for a Healthy Heart

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    Pricing and Quality Transparency—Making it Easier to Shop for Healthcare


    Comparison shopping is what we do as consumers. We carefully weigh our options when spending money—whether purchasing a new car or deciding where to go to dinner. If we want to buy a new home, we consider school district, location, amenities, and of course, price. We are on a constant pursuit of saving money while getting a quality product or service.   To do this, we use tools and resources to learn more about the value of a product or service before we commit to lay down our hard- … Read MorePricing and Quality Transparency—Making it Easier to Shop for Healthcare

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