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    Staying Fit at Home


    Many of us have found ourselves spending a lot more time at home lately! Whether working at home or couch surfing with Netflix, taking fewer journeys outside the house means fewer steps. With gyms now closed, we’re faced with the need to get creative to fit in physical activity—but don’t worry! You have many options to stay fit without your usual spinning or Zumba® class.   Five ways to stay fit at home   Here are five ways you can incorporate activity into your … Read MoreStaying Fit at Home

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    Is it seasonal allergies or something more?


    While the warm, breezy spring days are right around the corner, so are seasonal allergies. And though you’ve hoped to leave them behind, sometimes seasonal allergies are unpreventable. Due to recent concerns about COVID-19, it can be scary to experience the coughing, sneezing and watery eyes that often accompany seasonal allergies—making you worry more than usual about your symptoms.   It can help to understand the signs of both allergies and COVID-19 to put your mind at ease … Read MoreIs it seasonal allergies or something more?

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    Five Surprising Foods With Health Benefits


    A balanced diet is important to your overall health. Incorporating lean proteins, a variety of fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and lots of water can help nourish your body and prevent sickness. But health benefits exist in some foods you might not normally think of. And some of them may surprise you!   If you’re looking to eat healthier this season and want to try something new, you can add any of the following to your menu:   Dark chocolate. You might be surprised to … Read MoreFive Surprising Foods With Health Benefits

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