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    Meritain Health Portal Enhancements



    As Advocates for Healthier Living, our goal is to make health care benefits easier for our customers to access and use. We’re continuously reviewing our systems and processes for ways to offer the best possible user experience.   Our Meritain Health online portals provide our customers access to important health plan information. To help ensure ease of navigation, access and more, we’ve recently made multiple upgrades to enhance our portal capabilities.   For more … Read MoreMeritain Health Portal Enhancements

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    Exercise Myths Explained


    Exercise myths

    Between social media, bloggers, health magazines and self-proclaimed fitness experts, there is a lot of information trending about exercise. For instance, a fitness boutique may say their routines are the most efficient form of exercise available in the area, or that working out requires the best (and often most expensive) specialty exercise clothes. One of the most common claims you may have heard is, “If I exercise enough, I can eat whatever I want.” You may wonder what to believe. … Read MoreExercise Myths Explained

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    The importance of staying socially connected



    As we continue to do our part to relieve the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak by staying safely sheltered in our homes, it’s important to keep in contact with others. Over the past few weeks, we’ve adopted lifestyle changes we never could have expected when the new year began. But as the virus lingers in our communities, we can still remain socially connected while social distancing.   The benefits of socializing We wrote about the health benefits of social connectedness back in … Read MoreThe importance of staying socially connected

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