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    Important information regarding the COVID-19 virus


    As Advocates for Healthier Living, we are working diligently every day to ensure we support you in maintaining health and ensuring access to care. As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, underscored by the recent pandemic declaration from the World Health Organization (WHO), we have taken action within our organization. We have put in place a comprehensive plan to ensure we continue to offer the services and operations you have come to expect while maintaining a healthy work environment … Read MoreImportant information regarding the COVID-19 virus

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    Supporting our members and clients in times of crisis


    Aetna Behavioral Health is offering its Resources For Living (RFL) Employee Assistance Program resources to community members who have been impacted  by the COVID-19 health crisis regardless of whether or not they are RFL customers. Affected individuals can contact RFL at 1-833-327-AETNA (1-833-327-2386) for telephonic consultation to help cope with the emotional impact of this event. RFL’s professionals have experience dealing with traumatic events and can be available to provide … Read MoreSupporting our members and clients in times of crisis

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    Boost your Energy by Eating the Right Foods


    Ever find yourself feeling sluggish or drained during the day, affecting your efforts in your work or personal life? We’ve all been there at some point, and many people experience some level of fatigue several times a week—if not daily. So how do we combat this energy drain? In addition to improving our nightly sleep patterns, eating healthy and drinking plenty of water can help us gain extra energy and focus.  Many people don’t realize how much of our daily energy— … Read MoreBoost your Energy by Eating the Right Foods

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