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    Tell Your Computer Who’s Boss


    This Month, “Save Your Vision”Most of us work at a computer these days. Unfortunately, too much computer work can harm our vision. Computer-related vision problems are so common, the American Optometric Association has determined that many computer users suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Are you one of them?   CVS is comprised of eye and vision problems related to frequent and extensive computer use. Eye strain, blurred vision, dry eyes and a stiff neck are some of … Read MoreTell Your Computer Who’s Boss

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    Easy Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Heart


    Follow these quick tips to get heart-healthier today! How’s your heart-health know how? It’s easier than you may think to improve the health of your heart and small steps can add up to big results. Good nutrition is one of the most important things you can do for your heart. This month is a perfect time to choose a few heart-healthy new habits and stick with them: your body will thank you!   Heart-healthy shopping tips It all starts at the grocery store! It’s up to you … Read MoreEasy Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Heart

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    Five New Year’s Resolutions You Should Keep


    And Tips For Helping Your Resolutions Stick   ‘Tis the season! Have you made any New Year’s resolutions yet, or are you in the mindset of “I won’t keep them anyway, so why bother”? Remember: even the smallest changes are worth it, especially if you choose a resolution that will boost your good health.   Some of the best (and most common!) New Year’s resolutions are those that help you improve your health. And for good reason: making small changes … Read MoreFive New Year’s Resolutions You Should Keep

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