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    Can’t relax? Try these five tips


    Stress is a part of everyone’s life—whether it’s our job, family, commute or the daily news. If we don’t find ways to relieve our stress, it can start to result in physical and psychological tension, which can lead to serious health issues. For some, the symptoms can be mild, like an upset stomach, headaches or trouble concentrating. But more extreme symptoms can include high blood pressure, poor sleep, emotional eating or even depression. Relaxing your body physically … Read MoreCan’t relax? Try these five tips

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    Couch to 5k? Ten Steps to Start a Running Routine


    National Running Day is celebrated on the first Wednesday in June. It’s a day when long-time runners share their love of the sport… and a perfect reason to pick up a healthy new hobby! Running is a simple, fun activity that offers plenty of benefits: you can get healthier, manage your weight, meet new friends, build your confidence, enjoy the outdoors and—most importantly—have fun! Become a runner with these 10 stepsIf you’re interested in getting started, but … Read MoreCouch to 5k? Ten Steps to Start a Running Routine

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    Five healthy habits for summer


    Feel like you’ve waited a long time for summer? You’re not alone! When the weather warms up, many of us drift into vacation mode, which can include loosening up on healthy habits. But summertime wellness doesn’t need to feel like a chore. In fact, the summer even ushers in new ways to be the healthiest version of you! 1. Make colorful food choices. The summer months are the perfect time of year to load up on fruits and veggies. You can add veggies to your salad, mix it up … Read MoreFive healthy habits for summer

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