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    Ten ways to be more mindful


    Mindfulness is about being more aware of what is happening—both within us and around us. Being more mindful can be good for your health! Did you know it can help reduce your anxiety, stress and depression? Mindfulness also allows you to focus, be more aware of the present moment and better understand yourself, such as your feelings, triggers, motivations, etc. To become more mindful, just try some (or all!) of these ten tips: 1.)  Give meditation a try. Connecting to yourself through … Read MoreTen ways to be more mindful

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    Health Imagination and Transformation


    Medical technology is evolving every day. New products and services are continuously available to impact health and well-being in ways that in the past simply weren’t possible. This “health transformation” is changing the landscape of healthcare, as new and better healthcare concepts are imagined—and developed! And Meritain Health strives to embrace this opportunity for our customers. At our core, Meritain Health is a Third Party Administrator (TPA). But we know a great … Read MoreHealth Imagination and Transformation

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    Health Benefits of Reading


    Reading can inform you, and transport you, to the highest mountains or a city halfway around the world. It can bring you to tears or it can cause you to double over from laughter. Reading can serve many purposes—but would it surprise you to learn that picking up a book can also boost your health? Here are a few health benefits that are just a turn-of-the-page away: • Increased brain power. Much like taking the stairs instead of the elevator works wonders for your cardiovascular … Read MoreHealth Benefits of Reading

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