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    Ten Ways to Give Back to the Environment


    Earth Day is a global event where people around the world celebrate the planet and work together to preserve and protect it. You can take steps every day to form new habits and reduce our footprint on the world—for ourselves and the many other species that rely on Earth as home.  Follow these 10 steps to give back to the environment: 1. Eat locally harvested food. How many miles does your food travel to reach your table? Consider where it was produced and the amount of fuel it … Read MoreTen Ways to Give Back to the Environment

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    Empowering Hospitals and Healthcare Systems to Improve the Patient Experience


    Perceived value is everything, regardless of the line of business. Things that cost more come with higher expected value. This is true for consumers when shopping for high-ticket items such as cars, homes and appliances—and healthcare is no exception. With the rise of high-deductible health plans, healthcare consumers find themselves paying more out of pocket than before, and this puts a microscope on the level of care they’re receiving. It’s reasonable to assume when patients … Read MoreEmpowering Hospitals and Healthcare Systems to Improve the Patient Experience

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    Six Health Benefits of Pet Ownership


    They give us company, make us smile and love us unconditionally. So for everything your pet (or pets!) do to enrich your life, we celebrate them on Thursday, April 11: National Pet Day.   Did you know your pet helps you stay well? Pet ownership can come complete with the following health benefits: 1. Improved heart health. This may be due to the calming effect animals have on people, helping to reduce blood pressure. Plus, studies show that owning a dog or cat can help lower … Read MoreSix Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

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