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    Are you prepared for 2016 Hurricane Season?


    The 2016 hurricane season officially began on June 1, and we have already experienced tropical storms along the coast of Florida. Hurricanes, as well as tropical storms, can bring high winds, heavy rainfall, flooding, storm surges and even tornadoes. In addition to safety risks, they can cause telephone, electrical and Internet outages.   It’s important to be prepared for severe weather   Make an emergency plan for you and your family. Be sure to include information such as: o& … Read MoreAre you prepared for 2016 Hurricane Season?

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    Five Ways to Ensure a Successful Open Enrollment


    Healthcare benefits are important to your employees. First, they create the warm and fuzzy feeling that you care—and according to a recent study*, employees are 38 percent more productive when they feel their employer cares about their well-being. Second, they help your workers to be healthier, which can help improve their focus on the job. Also, healthcare benefits add to the value of employment at your organization—so it’s always a good idea to let your staff know when it& … Read MoreFive Ways to Ensure a Successful Open Enrollment

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    As Zika Virus Health Risk Grows - What You Can Do


    Zika virus infection has been confirmed to cause microcephaly (abnormal smallness of the head) and other poor outcomes in babies, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).   The World Health Organization’s International Health Regulations Committee declared on February 1 that the Zika virus is a global public health emergency requiring an urgent, united response from world health organizations.   Members and individuals should check with their doctor and … Read MoreAs Zika Virus Health Risk Grows - What You Can Do

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