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    The Free, Easy Workout You Can Do Almost Anywhere


    What are your reasons for skipping a workout? For many people, it’s lack of time or motivation. Or, you may have work or personal obligations that get in the way. Your reason could even be as simple as feeling intimidated by the gym or not being able to find a class you like. But whatever your reason, there’s one small, simple thing you can do to help yourself be healthier and feel better every day—and it starts with your own two feet. That’s right: it’s walking. … Read MoreThe Free, Easy Workout You Can Do Almost Anywhere

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    The Influence of Sleep on Overall Health


    Sleep: more active than passive Like many, you may view sleep as a passive activity that usually happens when all other important daily tasks are complete. But getting an adequate amount of quality sleep may be just as important to your good health as nutrition and exercise. Our bodies performs essential maintenance while we’re sleeping. That’s why proper rest can affect everything from physical appearance to daily performance and especially overall health, mood and quality of life. … Read MoreThe Influence of Sleep on Overall Health

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    2015 Allergy Season is More Severe Than in Years Past


    This May, we celebrate National Allergy and Asthma Awareness Month. To be prepared, simply take some time to review our tips for relieving and eliminating allergy symptoms. Know your triggers. The best, and most obvious way to prevent and reduce allergy symptoms is simply to avoid the allergens that cause them. In the springtime this is often pollen or mold; however, some people may experience symptoms without knowing their root cause. A trip to the doctor or allergist for diagnosis may be a … Read More2015 Allergy Season is More Severe Than in Years Past

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