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Be Prepared for Hurricanes and Severe Weather



With Hurricane Irma expected to touch down in the Southeastern U.S., are you prepared? Severe weather is predicted for the state of Florida. Hurricanes and tropical storms can bring high winds, heavy rainfall, flooding, storm surges and even tornadoes. In addition to safety risks, they can cause telephone, electrical and Internet outages. Families can cope with disaster by preparing in advance and working together as a team. Knowing what to do is your best protection for weathering any storm.

It’s important to be prepared for severe weather
Make an emergency plan for you and your family. Be sure to include information such as:

  • Evacuation routes.
  • Emergency contact information.
  • Important medical information, such as how to fill prescriptions or find a doctor if you need to evacuate your home.
  • Plans for boarding or evacuating pets.
  • Local information for the area to where you'll evacuate.

Build an emergency kit that contains supplies such as bottled water, flash lights, non-perishable food items and other essentials you can quickly grab and take with you in case of an evacuation.  If you have children, remember to include small games or books to keep them happy while traveling to your relocation site.
Be informed of your local weather forecast and know where to find the latest updates regarding evacuations, road closures, school closures, or curfews. Local and state emergency preparedness agencies, such as the American Red Cross or National Weather Service, typically have websites with valuable information and links to other resources.

The following sites also offer valuable hurricane information:

Being prepared can help you keep yourself and your family safe and healthy if severe weather strikes.