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Creating and sticking to an exercise plan



As the holidays come to a close and the New Year starts, a lot of folks make it their resolution to get into shape. In fact, 21.4 percent of people make it their resolution to get fit. For many, this means getting into a workout groove and creating an exercise plan. However, it can be hard to make it stick. It happens to everyone—you get a gym membership and are really committed to going every day for the first week. Then the second week you might not go as often, and after that you might not go at all. It can be challenging to stick to a resolution once the initial push wears off.  But never fear! You can try a few little tricks to help yourself succeed at your New Year’s exercise goals:

Be realistic
It’s easy to say you are going to do something, but actually doing it is a lot harder. To help make an adjustment to your current lifestyle, it helps to make your goals SMART. This means creating goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely, making them easier to stick to. To read more about setting SMART goals, click here.

Start slow and work your way up
If you want to see improvements, just start with an easy workout, and slowly add more rigorous activity. If you begin with a strenuous workout, it’s easy to burn out and become discouraged. For example, if your long-term goal is to be able to run three miles a day, you should start out just walking that distance, and work up to running.

Make it public
To do this, just ask a friend to tag along when you work out. A friend can encourage you to follow your goals. You could also post a challenge on social media and ask others to participate. This can encourage you to work harder and be more committed.

Do it for yourself
Whether it’s your New Year’s resolution or you just want to start making healthier choices, simply pick an exercise plan that’s right for you. Then, just follow the above tactics to make it stick. Here’s to a healthier you in 2018!