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Employee Assistance Program Open to All



We are heartbroken by the unspeakable horror that took place the night of October 1 in Las Vegas. Our thoughts are with all affected by this act of senseless violence—the victims, the friends and families who lost loved ones, those who are injured and hospitalized, and the survivors who witnessed this evil act.
Our deepest appreciation goes out to the first responders and medical professionals who displayed the utmost courage and calmness at a time of confusion and uncertainty.
As a subsidiary of Aetna, we stand with our leadership to provide the resources needed to those who may need it most at this difficult time. To provide support to anyone affected, Aetna is offering their Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at no cost.  Affected individuals can contact Aetna EAP at 1.888.AETNA.EAP (1.888.238.6232) for telephone consultation, referrals, and how to support loved ones impacted by this tragedy. The EAP program is available now and will stay open through November 1. 
Please join us in sending thoughts, prayers and support to Las Vegas.  

See Aetna’s Crisis Response Resources for additional support following a traumatic incident.