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Finding your best exercise routine for the new year


Exercise style

A new year brings excitement and enthusiasm to lose weight and become healthier. As many of us are getting ready to start new workout programs in 2020, this is a good time to reflect on the best workout routines.


With different exercises, facilities and activities out there, it’s important to consider which best fits your goals and needs. Just consider these simple tips when finding the best workouts for you:


  • Identify your goals. Are you looking to lose weight? Get toned muscles? Run a marathon? Lower your blood pressure? Knowing your goals will help you choose what exercises to consider—be it weight training, cardio workouts, yoga, etc. Reflect on your goals every morning; they can help motivate you with an optimistic start to your day.
  • Choose easily accessible workouts. A great way to ensure you stick with your new routine is to choose activities that don’t have built-in obstacles. When scheduling your workouts, pick times when you feel the most energetic, and those that don’t conflict with other commitments. Also, make sure you know the costs ahead of time. Does the activity require purchasing memberships, equipment, new clothing, etc. that stretches your budget? If so, look for alternatives that still offer the health benefits you’re looking for. Consider activities that are easiest for you to access so you don’t have an internal struggle to decide whether to work out regularly or not. 
  • Be open to options. Many people start skipping their workout routines when it starts to become too… routine! Even marathon runners take days off from running to do weight training, yoga or cardio machines. Working out one way all the time is boring and monotonous, so have a few other workouts you can do on days you’re just not feeling your usual workout.
  • Do what’s fun for you. While the latest fitness fad might be how your friend keeps fit, if it’s not fun for you, you’re not going to commit to it. Try to find workouts you will enjoy.


    If you have trouble staying motivated, joining a gym can give you opportunities to be inspired by others around you, or work with a personal trainer. If you feel intimidated by the gym, a home setup might be best—or even outdoor activities like walking, skiing, bicycling or skating.


    Maybe you don’t like structured exercise, so activities that aren’t workout routines are more fun, like dancing, swimming or joining a local sports recreation league—such as softball, basketball, kickball or floor hockey. Working out isn’t limited to lifting weights or sweating in place. Make it enjoyable for you!


  • Keep it challenging. Once you’ve mastered your workout levels, it’s time to tweak the routine. Whether it’s adding more weights, quickening your pace or adding minutes to your workout, keep altering your routine so it’s challenging to you. When exercises are too easy, the benefits aren’t as great and you risk becoming bored, which could lead to quitting all together.


Self-reflection is the key to finding the best workouts for you. So, take a few minutes to reflect on these tips and write out a list of the things that are important to you when you think about getting fit. Be sure to define your goals. Whether it’s being healthy for your kids, losing weight or just feeling better, identifying your goals will help you stay motivated to maintain your routine, especially during the tough days.


And don’t forget to choose exercises and activities you’ll enjoy! Ring in the New Year by having fun with your workouts and getting fit!


*This article is for informational purposes only, and is not meant as medical advice.