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Fun summer activities you can enjoy safely during COVID-19



After months of self-quarantine and in the heart of summer weather, we all want to be outside, enjoying the beautiful outdoors. And we should—there are many summer activities we can still enjoy, even during the ongoing pandemic. Just be cautious, use common sense when choosing what to do and continue to follow CDC recommendations.


By planning ahead, choosing times when crowds are less likely, and bringing items that can help lessen the spread of COVID-19, you and your family can still have adventures this summer.


Some fun summertime activities you can enjoy while using preventive practices include:

  • Taking a hike. Many nature trails and forests are open to the public now and offer the space to safely distance yourself from other hikers. Just be sure to be respectful of others and put on your mask in areas that might cause you to be closer than six feet from others, like the parking area and narrow pathways.
  • Visiting the park. Enjoy a picnic with your family or walk your dog in a beautiful setting. Most parks have the space to let groups spread out and not get too close to others. Just be mindful about what you or your kids touch while you’re out. Areas like playgrounds or public benches have higher risks than sitting on a blanket or chairs you brought from home.
  • Camping. Like forests and parks, most campsites are open to the public now and the campsites are large enough to naturally distance you from other campers. Enjoy a weekend away from your house and connect with nature for a true vacation escape.
  • Watching a movie. You can check out the drive in or set up a movie projector in your back yard. Many towns across the country have even converted open areas like parks and fair grounds into temporary drive-ins showing classic blockbuster films. If a drive-in is not open in your area, consider setting up a mini theatre for your family in your backyard. Quality home projectors are more affordable than in the past and might be available to rent as well. 
  • Golfing or playing tennis. Golf and tennis are two popular summer sports that make it easy to maintain proper distances from others in your group. Grab your equipment, talk with your friends, have fun playing a game and enjoying the outdoors!
  • Riding your bike. Biking is a great way to get active and enjoy the outdoors! And safe biking goes hand-in-hand with safe social distancing recommendations. But be sure to wear a helmet and bring your mask along in case you need to stop for a break or refreshments where others may be as well. 
  • Swimming. To date, there is no evidence of people contracting COVID-19 through water. The thing to be worried about with swimming is going to a public pool or beach that might be too crowded. These areas should be avoided unless the facility is properly handling crowd control and limiting visitors. However, private pools or beaches with friends and family can be enjoyed together with relatively little risks—when proper social distancing practices are maintained.


Being outside can significantly lower your risk of COVID-19 compared to visiting public, indoor places. Here are some health tips to remember if you decide to head out:

  • Wear a mask. And if you have children, teach them to get used to wearing a mask so they are comfortable wearing it when you’re out. It might take time, but young children are likelier to adapt to masks than older children or adults—it just takes practice.
  • Leave crowded places. Busy areas present higher risks. It’s frustrating to make plans just to find out you weren’t the only person who had that idea, but simply taking your leave can keep you safe. So, when you arrive somewhere that’s far too crowded, just have a backup plan for something else to do.
  • Remember your hand sanitizer. It can be hard to keep track of what you touch in public… so keep hand sanitizer with you and use it when you return to your car. Don’t touch your face until you’ve had the chance to properly wash with soap and water.
  • Avoid carpooling. Cars are small and make it difficult for passengers to socially distance. If you’re meeting up with others, the safest plan is to meet at your destination rather than drive together. 
  • Skip plane travel. Like cars, planes are a confined area where germs can spread. To help yourself and your family stay safe and healthy, you may wish to skip destination vacations this year and opt for adventures that are closer to home. Business travel or emergencies should be the only reasons to select air travel right now.
  • Stay home if you aren’t feeling well. You can do your part to prevent the spread of germs by keeping your distance if you’re feeling tired or like you may be coming down with something. Ask a friend or family member to pick up groceries or other items you may need, or contact a shopping service such as Instacart. 


Summer 2020 may not be a regular summer for any of us, but there are still ways to have some fun and interact with friends and loved ones. When you plan carefully and follow a few precautions, you can keep yourself and your family safe and healthy.


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This article is for informational purposes only, and is not meant as medical advice.