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Get creative to boost your brain function



Creativity allows us to embrace our own originality and can enable unique connections between seemingly contrasting ideas. When we are creative, we feel as if the world and everything around us is vibrantly alive. The most creative people find ways around obstacles because they see them not as roadblocks, but as possible opportunities. Through creative thinking, we can expand our perceptions and better navigate challenging moments in life.


Benefits of creative thinking

Research has shown that creativity can help you with problem-solving by encouraging a mindset more willing to attack a situation from all angles. This can help you to solve an issue faster and more easily compared to a traditional and linear approach.
Through creativity, you can express yourself to the outside world in endless ways, building self-confidence as you try new projects. Some creative minds are great speakers, while others are painters, photographers, writers, gardeners, sculptors, dancers, technicians or scientists. Some people work in the field they are most creative in, but still others use their creativity as an opportunity to de-stress from work and relax.


Your creative traits will grow and improve the more you apply them. So, don’t be afraid to share them with others in your daily life! Remember, no one was born a master painter or writer; creativity develops from failure and practice.


Here are some brain-boosting activities to help you find your creative values:


  • Take a moment of reflection. One of the best ways to begin tapping into your creativity is by being more mindful of your surroundings—and your feelings. Take time during your day to just relax by yourself and reflect on whatever you feel like. Through reflection, you might start seeing patterns and relationships around you that you didn’t notice before. Attention to detail can spark inspiration and help reduce cluttered thoughts by sharpening your focus. It can also lead to a “rabbit hole” of creative ideas, as one idea can lead to another.
  • Challenge your mind with games and puzzles. Problem-solving games and puzzles can help train your mind to think of alternative solutions to new challenges. Research shows that people who regularly engage in puzzles and problem-solving games were also more willing to try new things. Just remember to change things up, as doing the same games or puzzles can lead to the opposite of enhancing creativity by simply repeating a task until its process is memorized.
  • Go for a walk or exercise to increase blood flow. We all know that exercising improves your physical health. And you probably knew it was good for your mental health, helping reduce stress and build self-confidence. But exercise also increases your creative thinking., This is especially true outdoors, where all your senses are active as you take in the sights, smells and sounds of your environment. Active senses can suddenly trigger memories and ideas that can inspire creative desires, including drawing, writing and daydreaming.
  • Add music to your day. Music helps enhance your physical energy, which is why it’s useful to have a good playlist going during workouts. It also boosts your brain power. Research has found that repetitive beats and rhythm in music help our brains form patterns that improve memory. Music also helps lower stress, which frees your mind from distractions and negativity, improving focus, confidence and problem-solving areas of your mind.
  • Practice! Whatever you find to be your creative outlet—whether it’s being artistic, writing, cooking, baking, crafting, playing music or a combination of these things, keep doing it regularly. Try to make it part of your weekly routine so you can build confidence and hone your skills.


Not everyone is creative at the same things, so give yourself time to try different activities and see what intrigues you most. And remember that there’s no need to limit yourself to just one thing. Do anything and everything that gets your creative juices flowing. It’ll help you attack problems and lower stress in your life.