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Grow a Moustache for Health Awareness!


November has been nicknamed “Movember” in honor of men’s health. This month, the Movember Foundation challenges those who can grow a fantastic (or simply normal) moustache to raise awareness of health topics such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide. The foundation encourages men to get the healthcare they need and pay attention to wellness.


Ways to make a difference

Men can take the following steps for good health:

Stay connected to a social network. It’s good for the soul to touch base regularly and talk about what’s on your mind. This includes your health and anything else that’s going on. There’s no need to be the “strong, silent type”!

Get your 50-year check up. Age 50 is when men need to begin paying close attention to prostate screening. However, start having the conversation with your doctor at 45—your family’s health history may place you at risk earlier.

Keep movin’! Exercise is one key to a healthy life. It helps you maintain strength, flexibility and a healthy weight. Check with your doctor if you haven’t been active in awhile.

Grow that Movember moustache. You have the whole month (and may decide to keep it for the whole year!). It shows your support of men’s health awareness.


What if you can’t grow a moustache?

Ok, so not all of us can. That’s OK—friends and family members can show their support by encouraging the men we love to take an active role in their health, in November and year ‘round!