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Health Imagination and Transformation



At our core, Meritain Health is a Third Party Administrator (TPA). But we know a great benefit plan is just one piece of the story in creating real health. New solutions are evolving every day. With so many options available to our customers, we understand it’s difficult to know where to start.


Innovating for results
Meritain Health’s Market Intelligence team listens closely to what our customers are really looking for. We monitor emerging innovations to support and bring forward the best to our clients.


What do we mean?
Our team begins by looking for start-up companies providing products or services that would meet a unique or pressing need. We specifically explore solutions that complement and work well with our existing products, making it easier for our members to access them.


These companies—many of which serve niche populations—present a unique opportunity for our customers and us. By recognizing and serving all of our members, we support those who may have very individualized needs.


What is the benefit to our brokers?
With this approach, our broker partners gain options. They gain flexibility. They gain an innovative team who offers real, progressive solutions other TPAs don’t provide.


We help align solutions to engage and address unique population needs that supplement our extensive options.

These easy-to-use solutions lead to improved employee engagement, which results in better behaviors (medication adherence, seek preventive services, less costly inpatient visits because patients are less sick when admitted, fewer ER visits, etc.).


For employers, this translates into lower overall plan costs.


We have identified four vendors at this time that meet varying needs, and we are excited to have the opportunity to provide additional details, should you be interested in any of the below. From there, we make the appropriate introductions in order for you and/or your client to pursue a direct relationship.


By identifying creative and forward-thinking solutions, we meet real needs. Through our focus on member engagement and experience, we create the foundation from which sustainable cost savings emerge.


For more information on this exciting opportunity, please reach out to your account manager.


If you are a broker or prospective client, and would like to speak with a Meritain Health sales representative, please email our sales team for additional information.