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Reasons to Get Physical

You want to get physical—and here’s why


Physical activity can include anything from aerobic exercise to simply walking to your car. Check out these facts about what exercise can do for you instantly:


Exercise will help you control your weight. Physical activity burns calories, which will help you lose weight or maintain healthy weight. Even if you don’t have time for a formal exercise routine, you can make small changes to fit in fitness. Think about taking the long road—use the stairs, park farther away from buildings or do more physical chores while you’re at home.


It boosts your “good” cholesterol levels. No matter your current weight, if you engage in any sort of physical activity, your body naturally produces “good” HDL cholesterol. In turn, your blood flows more smoothly and you avoid metabolic health risks, such as stroke, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.


You’ll get happy! Exercise helps increase certain brain chemicals that can improve your mood. And if you’ve had a bad day, activity helps relieve stress and boost your confidence.


You’ll sleep better. Regular physical activity helps you fall asleep faster—and you may even sleep more soundly.


It’s fun! Being physically active can simply be a fun way to spend your time. You’ll have a great reason to do more of the things you love, such as dancing, hiking or joining a sports team.


You stand to gain big by exercising. Through a healthy diet and active lifestyle, you’ll help your body take better care of you.