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Sit Less, Move More!

Between your job, your commute and recreational activities, you might find yourself sitting—a lot. Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that sitting for more than six hours per day can have adverse effects on your health. From weight gain to heart strain, sitting seems to be the new health threat in the U.S. today. Luckily, you can take easy steps to offset the negative consequences of a mainly sedentary routine.


Keep it moving at work

At least once per hour, simply stand up and stretch for a minute or two, or take a quick walk. Standing or walking for just two minutes every hour can help unkink your muscles and boost your energy level.


Instead of emailing or calling someone within the office, walk over to their desk to speak with them. This way you’ll be more active—and you might even get to know more people.


Mix up more social and exercise opportunities by organizing scheduled walks with your coworkers. If you’re planning on visiting them anyway, or need to meet with a small group, suggest a walking meeting. It can boost your mood and give everyone a much-needed break from sitting.


Stay active at home

Instead of just sitting in front of the TV to watch your favorite shows, use any exercise equipment you have in your home, such as a treadmill, elliptical or weights. If you don’t have equipment, you can do simple exercise moves instead, such as push-ups, jumping jacks or jogging in place. Even if you only move during commercial breaks, every bit counts!


Chores count as physical activity too! If you’re folding laundry or dusting shelves, add in extra movement by doing lunges, squats or any other exercise you prefer. By adding more movement to your daily routine, your body will thank you by taking care of you for a long time.