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You Could Get Paid to Be Fit

A healthy incentive from Meritain Health

Your healthcare plan may include a fitness benefit that can save you or your family up to $150 per plan year in qualified health club membership fees. Your fitness benefit can be claimed after you’ve belonged to your health club and have been a Meritian Health member for at least four months out of a plan year.


What types of health clubs qualify

When selecting a health club, you’ll need to pick one with a variety of cardiovascular and strength-training exercise equipment, such as traditional health clubs, Ys and JCCs. You can still receive the fitness benefit if the qualified health club doesn’t require monthly or annual fees, but make sure to get full documentation from the club. You cannot receive the fitness benefit for any aerobic/fitness activity fees—including those paid for personal training, lessons, coaching, exercise equipment, or clothing—paid to a non-qualified health club.


How to take advantage of your fitness benefit

First, check to be sure that your coverage includes the fitness benefit. Second, you’ll need to have been a member of your health club and a Benefit Plan Subscriber with Meritain Health for at least four months out of a plan year. Then, simply send a completed Fitness Benefit Form, a copy of your health club contract and receipts or statements that show club fees to Meritain Health at the address shown on the Fitness Benefit Form. Any questions, feel free to call Meritain Health at the number on your ID Card.