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IRS Releases 2018 Cost of Living Adjustments for Health FSAs, DCAPs, Transportation Benefits & Adoption Credits

The IRS released the 2018 cost of living adjustments for tax-related limits to salary reductions for a variety of benefits. These adjustments are summarized in the table below.

Benefit2017 Limit2018 Limit
Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefit $255/month $260/month (increased by $5)
Adoption Credit $13,570 $13,840 (increased by $270)
Health FSA $2,600 $2,650 (increased by $50)
Transit Passes and Vanpooling $255 $260 (increased by $5)


The benefits below remain unchanged in 2018:

Benefit2017 Limit2018 Limit
DCAP $5,000/$2,500 $5,000/$2,500


To whom does this apply?
This cost of living adjustment applies to employers who offer Flexible Spending Accounts, transportation and adoption benefits.
What steps must employers take to comply?
Increasing the dollar limits to match the increased maximums is optional.
When do employers need to comply?
These rates are applicable to the 2018 tax year.


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