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Six Ways to Feel Good This Spring



You have to admit—it feels pretty good to pack up what’s left of winter to welcome spring and all it has to offer. From longer days to warmer weather, you have plenty of reasons to love spring and its many health benefits. Here are just a few:

  • It’s the best time to enjoy the extra daylight. While you may initially struggle with springing your clock forward, the added hour of daytime ultimately works in your favor. You have more time to spend outdoors—which acts as a natural mood booster—before summer heat is a factor. The extended sunlight can also make you feel like you have more time each day, which can be a big stress reliever.
  • Spring cleaning creates a healthier home. Spring is a good time to organize and de-clutter your home. Research shows that tidy homes lead to more physically fit occupants, by making you feel more in control. Be sure to let the fresh air in through open windows for an added health boost.
  • There’s an abundance of refreshing food. Between farmers’ markets and new stock at the grocery store, spring produce offers a variety of fresh, whole food options to spruce up your diet. After a long winter filled with comfort food and hearty meals, spring’s seasonal fruits and veggies provide colorful, nutrient-rich diet cleansers.
  • You can take your fitness routine outdoors. Spring’s longer days and mild temperatures make it the perfect time to get active outside. Studies even suggest outdoor exercise boosts your mental and physical well-being more than an indoor session.
  • It’s time to shed your winter skin. Beyond packing up bulky winter coats and gear, spring refreshes your own skin, too. Gone are the days of freezing temperatures and harsh winds that take a toll on your skin and hair. You can also shut off indoor heating units, which tend to dry out your skin.
  • Spring break for all! Chances are you’ve been cooped up most of the winter. Springtime offers easier travel options and time to de-stress. Take some time off and appreciate all spring has to offer.


Stay allergy-free this spring
If you suffer from allergies, every rose has its thorn in the springtime. However, you can breathe some relief by tracking pollen levels and limiting your outdoor time during peak pollen times. You can also help ease your symptoms by keeping up your spring cleaning all season and regularly dusting and vacuuming. For a natural boost, try certain foods for allergy relief, such as apples, red grapes, citrus fruits, collard greens, fish and nuts. They provide natural anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties.


Relax and be well
There’s so much to enjoy about springtime! With its brighter days and warmer nights, spring is like a breath of fresh air after a long winter. So as the weather clears up, take some time to make plans for enjoying the milder temperatures!