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Ten Family-Friendly Summertime Activities



As the weather warms up and school ends for the year—parents everywhere start to wonder how they’ll keep the littles occupied during the summer months. With longer days, there’s even more daylight to fill, and this is the perfect opportunity to do more outside. The summer ushers in plenty of healthy and fun activities families can do together.

You can enjoy each other’s company, strengthen bonds and enjoy the summertime months with the following ten activities:

1. Pack a picnic. Packing up snacks or a meal is a great way to enjoy the outdoors as a family. Travel to your local park, playground or green space with a blanket, insulated picnic basket of food, and serving ware—and you’re ready to go! Remember wet wipes for clean-up afterwards.

2. Explore nature. A walk or hike in the woods can be a refreshing change of pace as you take in the scenery around you: trees, streams, animals, insects, sunshine and shade! Many parks provide hiking trails of various lengths, and you can also opt for bike paths, rails to trails or just strolling around a local park. 

3. Fly a kite. On a windy day, there’s something magical about watching a kite take off to the sky! You can purchase one at many toy stores, or online.

4. Plant a garden. It can be rewarding for kids to watch as flowers and plants grow and bloom. A small vegetable garden is also a fun way to learn about farm-to-table, plus reap the tasty rewards.

5. Participate in a charity walk. All summer long, charitable organizations across the country roll out runs and walks, most of which are family friendly. Small children can join you in a stroller, while older children may enjoy walking on their own as part of a great cause!

6. Make fruit juice popsicles. Popsicles are refreshing on a hot day! To make a healthier version, simply pick up a plastic popsicle mold online or at your local home goods store. Then, fill with your choice of fruit juice. 

7. Visit a local farmers’ market. The sights and sounds of a farmers’ market are one of the hallmarks of summer—from fresh fruits and veggies, to jams and spreads, to baked goods and many other snacks. You can support local agriculture while enjoying the experience.   

8. Have a nature scavenger hunt. Get outside and get active as a family by hunting for a list of items (it helps to choose a range of easy-to-find plus harder-to-find items). You can also turn this event into a photography adventure by taking pictures of everything you find on the scavenger hunt list.

9. Go to the beach. Being near water is soothing for the soul, and can be a great way to fit in activity while you and your family soak up the warm weather. You can swim, build sand castles and collect beach glass as you stroll along the water’s edge. Just remember sunscreen that’s at least SPF 30, and apply according to instructions on the label.

10. Play outdoor games. Nothing says summer like a round of mini-golf, freeze tag, hopscotch or hide-and-go-seek. Kids and adults alike can get into the lighthearted zeal of an outdoor game.

Stay safe while you have fun outdoors

Whenever you head outdoors, remember the essentials: bottled water, sunscreen, sunglasses or a brimmed hat, bug spray, a light jacket incase it gets chilly, and even a small first-aid kit.

*This article is for informational purposes only, and is not meant as medical advice.