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Two Towers of Biometric Power



Meritain Health Offers New Biometric Screening Options

Great news: Wellness programs remain popular—78 percent of employers in a recent study offer them, compared to 54 percent in 1996. However, employers have been getting more selective with wellness program offerings per a recent study.*


Meritain Health has two new solutions that can help you build a more effective wellness plan. This way, you can include options that help your employees the most.


Healthy Triumph focuses on employees’ total well-being. It features Smart Testing: a 38-panel blood draw and screening tailored to each participant based on age, gender, health history and test results. The program also includes proactive outreach and health education to members with certain newly discovered and unmanaged conditions. Interactive Health’s targeted outreach is effective—with a 75 percent engagement rate of members receiving immediate contact from health coaches.  All program participants also receive a confidential report, wellness score and health goal, as well as access to opt-in to health coaching programs and online tools for health self-management.


Healthy Start is a foundational biometrics program to help create health awareness among your employees. It begins with a fasting or non-fasting screening through a finger stick blood draw, plus blood pressure, height, weight and waist circumference. Participants get immediate test results and health education from an on-site health coach to build future wellness habits.


You can also Power Up either biometric program by adding additional screenings, on-site wellness seminars or targeted assessments, such as vision testing or skin scans.


To learn more about Healthy Merits or give your current wellness program a boost, contact your Meritain Health representative or wellness plan strategist.

*Society for Human Resources Management, 2016 Employee Benefits: Looking Back at 20 Years of Benefits Offerings in the U.S, 2016