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Healthy Merits Wellness Program

Our Healthy Merits Wellness Program allows our clients to choose where they want to begin their wellness journey—whether it’s focusing on nutrition, fitness, financial, social or emotional health. Providing the tools and support needed to achieve and maintain better health, our points-based program builds on a core of awareness, preventive care and activity to drive real, habit-based change.


Easy to use and administer, it includes an online progress dashboard, wearable device integration and a mobile app in one comprehensive and comprehensive program. Using customized communications, email outreach and text participation tracking , it helps to get and keep your employees focused on their health.


Features include wellness challenges, integrated risk management, a plug and play rewards system, and optional health coaching and biometrics programs.


Let us be your Advocates for Healthier Living by using our Healthy Merits Wellness Program as your guide.