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Lowered Total Cost of Care

We help you reduce your total cost of care in flexible ways.

Lowered total cost of care

We’re beside you for the long haul.

At Meritain Health, we’ll help you champion your wellness journey through customized plan designs.
And we’ll help you keep an ever-watchful eye on spending, to lower your overall costs.

So how do we do it?

Our tiered approach incorporates four main ideas—the ones we’ve come to realize are most important
to our customers. These main concepts drive us and help us guide you.

Total Cost of Care: Cost Avoidance and Prevention

The right tools and resources let you lend the right health guidance and support to your employees and members.

This includes things like:  

  • Cost and quality transparency.
  • Employee wellness programs.
  • Standard and specialized case management.
  • Disease management tools.
  • Telemedicine options.
  • Pre-admission and post-discharge.

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Total Cost of Care: Access to Care

Gaining access to strong networks and pharmacy brings savings right to you.

We’ll give you the pathway to:

  • National value-based networks (Aetna and CVS).
  • Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and similar groups.
  • Multiple network configurations.
  • Centers of excellence and institutes of quality
  • Integrated pharmacy solutions.
  • Innovative point solutions.
  • Walk-in services (Minute Clinic® and HealthHub™).

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Total Cost of Care: Payment Integrity

Careful review of your claims and bills while maximizing discounts puts more money in your pocket.

We’ll zero in on things like:

  • High-dollar claims review.
  • Hospital bill audit.
  • Facility claim cost reduction.
  • Out-of-network claim discounts
  • Individual claim negotiations.
  • Claims editing.
  • Fraud, waste or abuse recognition.
  • Subrogation recovery.

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Total Cost of Care: Actionable Data

Expertly reviewing your plan will help you maximize your utilization, for the most value and efficiency.

We’ll use our data analysis tools to give you:

  • Information and decision support.
  • Integrated health care data across multiple platforms.
  • Better patient outcomes.
  • Improved financial performance.
  • Quality and efficiency metrics.
  • Industry benchmarks.

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