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We’ll help you enhance your plan with new trends and innovation in health care

We want you to have the benefits plan that meets the needs of your unique employee population. Sometimes, only the latest technology will do. Our Health Imagination and Transformation (HIT) Program keeps a finger on the pulse of what’s new, what’s exciting, and what’s transforming the health care industry. And new solutions are emerging nearly every day.

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Our Market Intelligence team listens closely to what our customers are really looking for. We monitor emerging innovation in health care to bring the very best options to you.

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Monitors emerging trends and health innovations to support and better serve our clients

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Identifies companies (often start-ups) providing products or services that would meet a unique or pressing need

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Ensures that possible solutions complement and work well with our existing products for ease of access

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Supports relationships by acting as a referral resource between vendors and our brokers or clients

“Control Musculoskeletal (MSK) spending through interventional orthopedic solutions”

What: Regenexx is a provider of services with a nationwide network of facilities offering orthobiologic (stem cell) and non-surgical treatment to members facing back pain, join pain, arthritis, and acute orthopedic injuries.

Why: Non-surgical treatments can lower employee absenteeism and significantly reduce the need for orthopedic surgeries. This can lead to savings of up to 70 percent on health care spending.

“Cost containment achieved through expert second opinions and team-based approaches to treatment”

What: Edison Healthcare offers a network of Smart Care Medical Centers that provide access to expert second medical opinions. They are committed to a multi-disciplinary, team-based approach in the evaluation and treatment of patients. If surgery is needed, teams will determine which Smart Care Medical Center will best serve the patient and provide cost-saving, successful outcomes. Concierge services are even offered to manage patient travel and accommodations when necessary.

Why:  Avoiding unnecessary or inappropriate treatments, and reducing time and costs spent on misdiagnosis or sub-optimal treatments, adds to savings for employers and members.

“Control MSK spend through coach-led digital therapy for chronic back and joint pain”

What: Hinge Health provides sensor-guided, digital exercise therapy to address chronic back pain and joint pain in a convenient way. By using an app, users can improve their strength and flexibility from anywhere. One-on-one coaching and cognitive behavioral therapy are also available.

Why: With this service, members have reported a lessened need for surgeries, and a significant reduction in pain in depression.

This is just a sampling of solutions we’re always on the lookout for. Meritain Health will help you keep your eyes on the future, while lowering costs and improving health for your members today.

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