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Business Process Outsourcing

Sometimes your needs are very specific, or even a little off-center—and we have solutions to meet those.

At Meritain Health, we love a good challenge. We welcome opportunities to put our flexibility to work, alongside our keen ability to listen, innovate and customize. And we’re always on the hunt for new technologies, business models and partnerships that will assist us in improving the overall health care experience, allowing our customers to achieve better health at lower costs. Here are a few examples of solutions we can provide for you:

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Looking for support with one or more of your business processes? We can do that. Our BPO services give you the flexibility to focus on your core strengths and grow your business. This can give you a strategic edge, and you’ll be in good company Meritain Health has a distinguished history of providing BPO solutions to some of the largest health care and benefits organizations in the industry.

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Navigation Partnerships

Sometimes, it helps to have support in guiding members to the right providers and benefits at the right time. Our long standing navigation partners lend experience and help you make the most of your plan in the simplest ways. They’re just another aspect of our Advocates for Healthier Living mission, making our benefit plans as easy as possible to understand and use. Navigation partners help with member and provider calls, utilizing and managing data, handling operational issues, reporting, and much more.

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Captive and Group Solutions

Self-funding gives our clients the opportunity to take control of health care spending and save on employee benefit costs. But what about fluctuations in monthly claim spending? With a captive, like-minded companies create a pooled funding resource, providing an additional layer of risk protection. By joining a captive through Meritain Health, smaller-sized groups can maintain stability for the long haul, as it pertains to their health care benefit needs and overall strategy.

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