Healthy Merits

Our employee wellness programs are designed around the tools and resources you and your employees want most

Healthy Merits delivers a customizable and complete wellness program to support employees—whether or not they’ve elected our health plan—in their wellness journey. Since flexibility is so important to us, our program and platform easily adapt. Even in times of great change, we’ll adjust to meet your employees’ unique and evolving needs.

With over 400 unique wellness activities to choose from, plus the ability to create new challenges on the fly, we can configure your wellness program to fit your goals. We help you support employees working from home, offer mental health counseling, or help employees feel safe returning to the office.

Our wellness platform offers a fresh user interface, accessible online or via mobile app. It easily integrates with wearable fitness trackers and devices, and includes wellness coaching. The result is one of the highest participation rates in the industry.

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85% of employers offering wellness programs with rewards see greater employee participation

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72% of employers offering wellness programs reduce their cost of health care

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When employees feel strong overall well-being, they are 6X more engaged at work

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Employers with engaged health plans can save 14% in overall claims costs compared to their peers

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$350 annual savings per employee when wellness programs include coaching, due to fewer sick days

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Employers see a typical return on investment (ROI) of $1.50 for each dollar spent on employee wellness


Support individual goals one challenge at a time

For plan sponsors, we implement the right program components for the biggest impact. With customized and on-demand wellness resources, employees have easy digital access to information and hundreds of wellness challenges for healthier habits. They can also track their progress, claim rewards, monitor biometric health scores and connect with expert health coaches. Text-based engagement? You bet. Email reminders? Sure. Mobile app? Of course. Photo-based participation? We’d love to see your employees in action. And we think the results of these efforts—healthier engagement—really speak for themselves.

Our participants say it best

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

So easy to understand and use. I find it encouraging to participate in wellness activities with coworkers, even if we live remotely. It helps me feel like we’re working on our health together.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Healthy Merits provided me with great info, so I know what I really need to work on.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I love the ease of having my phone alert me for a daily activity prompt. It’s so much easier than logging into a website every day.

For product partners

Our population health management team is behind you

Meritain Health’s population health management consultants and success managers are passionate about wellness… and the success of your employee wellness programs. By delivering health tips, support, real-time reporting tools, nurse health coaches and expert recommendations, they lead your employees on their whole-health journeys. They also identify areas for improvement in your health care to save you money.

And, you’ll see results like a more engaged, healthier employee population that betters your bottom line.

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