Helping People Move Past Pain with Hinge Health

Helping People Move Past Pain with Hinge Health
July 10, 2024 Sue Riordan
Helping people move past pain

Musculoskeletal (MSK) pain is an easy thing to relate to. In fact, nearly half the population, or one in two adults in the U.S., experience this. It’s also a big-time cost driver for employers. According to a 2023 survey, MSK conditions are one of the top two areas driving health care costs for large employers1. Costs related to MSK treatments and lost wages from missed work are estimated at $980 billion. In addition, the indirect costs, such as disability, absenteeism, poor productivity and even early retirement, all add up for employers. But what can be done to lessen these impacts?

We like Hinge Health—a top-rated digital clinic, helping people move past pain. It drives down costs with a whole new way to approach pain management. Check out our newest product spotlight to see how you can help your larger employee populations get relief using a single app.

Removing common barriers to pain treatment

MSK conditions can limit a person’s mobility, dexterity and ability to work. But many individuals who experience pain from these conditions are still reluctant to take advantage of resources available to them, even though physical therapy (PT) can help. It’s even typically considered the best first line of defense against chronic pain. However, PT is very underutilized because people often think:

    • It’s too expensive.
    • They don’t have time for it.
    • They’re not sure it would help their condition.
    • They’re uncertain whether insurance would cover it.

Hinge Health changes all this by making access to online exercise therapy quick, easy and effective through a digital app. Members benefit from personalized programs with stretches and exercises developed by physical therapists and certified coaches. And everything can be done right in the app, usually in about 15 minutes or less. Another huge perk? Hinge Health is available at no additional expense for members.

Members dealing with chronic pain can also receive one-on-one coaching and extra support.

What conditions is it right for?

Hinge Health is appropriate for persistent pain just about anywhere in the body. This can include back and neck pain, arthritis, issues in the shoulders, knees, arms, feet and more.

People can also turn to Hinge Health for MSK issues like osteoporosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, herniated discs and nerve pain or ongoing injuries. It’s also suitable for pelvic floor conditions, improving balance and coordination and fall prevention.

What do members like about Hinge Health?

Members report they feel like part of a team with Hinge Health. Plus, they’re accountable for doing their exercises, which helps them stay on track. And by committing to a plan, members can enjoy an active lifestyle and oftentimes avoid expensive surgeries. Once you start, you can use Hinge Health every day or a few times a week to feel your best and get lasting relief for your symptoms. The easy-to-follow steps help people move past pain.

Members also like Hinge Health for the results. Many reported seeing results they didn’t get with other treatments. Clinical studies show exercises through Hinge Health may reduce pain by 68 percent.

Another big perk members appreciate is the convenient app. The Hinge Health app has earned close to a five-star average rating.

The cherry on top? The cost. When provided through an employer, the Hinge Health program is zero dollars for members with no out-of-pocket costs or copays.

Want to learn more?

We have more information for you when you’re ready. Contact your local Meritain Health® representative to get started and see if Hinge Health is right for you. Hinge Health can be a great fit for mid-size to large employers with 151 employees or more.


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