Lowering a Member’s Skin Cancer Treatment Costs

Lowering a Member’s Skin Cancer Treatment Costs
November 8, 2022 Sue Riordan
Lowering Skin Cancer Treatment Costs

Getting a cancer diagnosis is a heavy burden for any employee. Providing the right health benefits can help lower costs and ease the emotional toll.

Find out how Meritain Health® and the CARE Program recently helped a member in need and lowered costs for his employer.

Years of smooth sailing

Ben picked up a love for sailing at a young age, learning from his dad. Later, he joined a club devoted to the sport and even sailed competitively in college.

Nowadays, sailing is more of a pastime, but something he still really enjoys. Ben and his wife take their boat out whenever they can—to stay active, be on the water and soak up the sun.

A scary diagnosis

As a sportsman, Ben knew about the dangers of too much sun exposure. Having fair skin, he prioritized using plenty of sunscreen, making it part of his everyday routine.

Because of Ben’s focus on prevention, skin cancer was far from his mind. Still, after a recent health screening at work, Ben chose to see a dermatologist. He had found some curious-looking moles and wanted to have these looked at.

After receiving biopsy results, the news wasn’t good. Tests revealed one of Ben’s moles was malignant melanoma—a form of skin cancer that can be deadly. As a result of this scary diagnosis, he’d need to begin treatment right away.

Each year, nearly 5 million people in the U.S. are treated for skin cancer, the most common cancer. Melanoma is the third most common type of skin cancer and is much more deadly1.

Lowering costs with CARE

Ben’s doctor prescribed a combination drug therapy to help treat his melanoma and prevent its spread. The treatment, however, is very expensive—one monthly dosage could be over $20,000.

Thankfully, Ben gets his health benefits through work at a large accounting firm. They’re provided through Meritain Health, giving Ben access to the CARE Program.

CARE—or Cost Avoidance Research Effort—is a no-cost service included with Meritain Health Pharmacy Solutions (MPS) to help members and employers save on high-cost, specialty prescriptions.

After reviewing Ben’s case, a CARE specialist uncovered a trial program to cover the full cost of Ben’s first prescription fill. Finding this trial through the drug manufacturer meant he could get started on his therapy without paying any out-of-pocket costs. As an added bonus, it also saved his employer $24,517 in prescription costs!

Ben was so relieved for the assistance while he undergoes treatment. With high costs off his mind, he can just focus on getting better—and dream of future sailing trips!

Additionally, Ben’s doctor and staff appreciated learning about this trial program. Since CARE made them aware of it, they’ll be able to pass this knowledge and savings on to other patients.


1 www.cdc.gov/cancer/skin/index.htm

This story is based on an actual member experience. Names and information have been changed to protect the member’s privacy.

This communication is intended for informational, promotional purposes only. The reference to previous outcomes made as a part of this communication does not guarantee success or similar outcomes in any new or future cases, as the result of each case depends upon many factors, including but not limited to the facts of each case. Any actual savings will vary based upon numerous factors, and neither Meritain Health nor its affiliates guarantees any level of savings.