Success Story: Understanding Care Makes All the Difference

Success Story: Understanding Care Makes All the Difference
March 16, 2021 Laura Dziomba
Diabetes specialty pharmacy

Olivia has her share of ups and downs.

She knows she has a lot to be happy about: she’s a newlywed, she has a great job working as a magazine editor, and she gets to work out of her city apartment with beautiful views of the park nearby.

But she’s been struggling with her health lately. Olivia was diagnosed with diabetes about a year ago, and though she’s managing, some days are definitely better than others. A bright spot has been being able to get home infusions of her medication. Having supplies she needs come directly to her home is a real game-changer as she tries to balance her life and feel her best.

In order to fill her regular prescriptions, she needs to use a specialty pharmacy, and many times she has difficulties getting them filled and delivered to her on time. Today was one of those times—she was running low on her medication and necessary supplies, and was going into a panic.

Olivia has health care benefits though Meritain Health®, which includes Medical Management support. She works closely with a nurse case manager to help her with her condition and receive support filling her medications.

Olivia’s nurse case manager knew Olivia was feeling frustrated. Determined to help her get her specialty supplies as efficiently as possible, she stepped in to help.

She got started right away doing some research. After some coordination with other members of the Meritain Health team, she was able to quickly get Olivia’s prescription filled through her pharmacy benefits manager at her local in-network pharmacy. Using this pharmacy would also help Olivia keep her costs down, saving her money.

The case manager went one step further, and even arranged to have the supplies overnighted so Olivia would have them the next day and not have to feel stressed.

She contacted Olivia right away to give her the news—and she was over the moon! Olivia felt her nurse case manager really understood how distressing waiting for supplies and medication could be. She was so relieved  she would get this shipment right away, and have a much easier time filling prescriptions in the future at her local pharmacy.

With worry off her mind, Olivia could get back to enjoying her happy day-to-day life. She’s grateful for the caring support she received from her nurse case manager. Now that her first year of dealing with diabetes has been made easier, she’s looking forward to a bright and healthy road ahead!


This story is based on an actual member experience. Names and information have been changed to protect the member’s privacy.

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