Success Story: Turning the Page to a Happier Tomorrow

Success Story: Turning the Page to a Happier Tomorrow
February 9, 2021 Erica Manhardt
Aetna Resources For Living

Belinda knew she could call her Aetna Resources For Living counselor whenever she was feeling down.

Belinda was tired.

Born with congenital heart disease, she was no stranger to health concerns. Though she had been in and out of doctors’ offices her entire life, she still made it her mission to complete her degree and become an editor at a local newspaper.

Through multiple heart surgeries, she always held her head high. Her life goal was to one day write children’s books she could share with her nieces and nephews. But lately, things had taken a turn for the worse.

Belinda was feeling run down—tired and dizzy, and her chest hurt. Because of her heart condition, she had been working with a case manager named Tim through her Meritain Health benefits plan, and he always gave her tips to help her feel her best. But something was not quite right lately. A trip to her doctor revealed devastating news: Belinda needed yet another surgery to repair her heart. She would have to put the life she loved on pause and take time off to heal. Belinda felt like giving up. How much more could one person take?

Caring support

During one of their regular phone sessions, Tim could tell Belinda wasn’t her usual upbeat self. She seemed hopeless and depressed. He pulled in a behavior health partner named Tammy as part of the Aetna Resources For Living program included in Belinda’s health plan. Tammy reached out to Belinda to recommend and explain another available service, the Employee Assistance Program. Belinda could call and talk to a counselor by phone whenever she was feeling down.

Tammy also recommended a few nearby providers Belinda could visit to talk face-to-face.

Surgery and recovery

After her surgery, Belinda started visiting a counselor. With someone to listen and offer emotional guidance, she began to feel better. As her body healed, so did her spirit.

Soon, Belinda was back to her old self—excited to return to work and start drawing the books she would one day share with her loved ones. She continues to work with Tim and visit her counselor to help her stay in her very best health.

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