Ways to Simplify Your Life: The Joy of Getting Back to Basics

Ways to Simplify Your Life: The Joy of Getting Back to Basics
January 8, 2021 Laura Dziomba
Ways to simplify your life

Ringing in the new year often inspires us to make some changes and set up our goals for the year ahead. But let’s face it. 2020 was a very bumpy ride. If you’re feeling a bit worn out and have considered skipping your resolutions this year, don’t. It’s a great time to get back to basics instead! Taking steps to live a more minimalist lifestyle with ways to simplify your life can help you unlock some very satisfying benefits.

The key to a minimalist lifestyle

By making efforts to pare down, you’ll free up space for yourself—in both your mental and physical spaces—helping you to feel less stressed. You may not realize it, but having too much weighs you down. This can be too much to do, too much to think about or just too much stuff in general. When you start to simplify, you may find yourself with more time and energy to focus on what’s most important to you.

Ways to simplify your life

If you’re ready and wondering about ways to simplify your life, below are some tips you can follow to hit the “reset button” as we usher in a brand-new year.

    • Declutter your space. If you’ve been spending more time indoors, you might notice some clutter in your house you’d like to part with, or just tidy up. The good news? Cleaning and organizing your space can help reduce your anxiety. It can even raise your problem-solving skills and confidence as you make decisions that get your world in order. You may even rediscover some treasures you lost! Or you can donate truly unused items giving them a new home, or possibly helping out someone in need.
    • Clean up your inbox. Just like cleaning up your living space, giving your workspace a little overhaul can be good for you, too. If your inbox is filling up with unwanted emails, it might be a good time to go through and unsubscribe from any lists you no longer wish to be on. You can also take advantage of filters and folders to keep your workspace clean and organized. Taking a few moments to get your work and personal emails in order can help you feel energized, accomplished and a lot less stressed.
    • Save your pennies. The new year is a good time to give your spending and saving habits a check-up, and make sure your financial goals are on track. Review your weekly and monthly spending habits, and try to eliminate purchases you don’t need. Think about the reasons why you are buying things, because emotional buying can lead to a lot of clutter in your home. If you don’t already have a savings account, it could be a good time to open one up. Having some money set aside will help you feel less stressed should any unexpected expenses pop up. You can start with just a few dollars each week, or as much as you can spare—it all adds up!
    • Fill your water bottle. Making sure you’re drinking plenty of water each day is a simple trick to feeling better, and an easy habit to get started with. Drinking water can help with a host of concerns, including fighting fatigue, helping with headaches, improving your mood, clearing your skin, and aiding in digestion and weight loss. How much is enough? Many experts recommend shooting for around two to three liters per day for adults. If you carry a reusable water bottle, you can fill it up and get sipping!
    • Spend more time outdoors. Taking in some fresh air can have noticeable health benefits. A walk in the woods or other time spent outside can help with improving your blood pressure and heart rate, and can be a great mood booster. Just 20 minutes in the outdoors may help you calm down and feel less anxious.
    • Try eating more whole foods. Overhauling your entire diet can feel like a daunting task, but making some small changes to the way you eat can have some big benefits. One way to get started is by making an effort to eat fewer processed foods, and instead focus on foods that are simpler. For example, swapping in fruits and vegetables in place of pre-packaged goodies can boost your nutrition by upping your intake of vitamins and minerals. Plus, you’ll avoid chemicals and preservatives that don’t add to your health. A general rule is trying to avoid foods with items you can’t pronounce in the ingredients list. Over time, choosing healthier, whole-food options can boost your mood, improve your sleep, help with weight management and keep your blood sugar and cholesterol levels in check.
    • Rest up. Similar to drinking more water and eating well, getting enough sleep each night is a simple practice holding lots of health benefits. A full night’s sleep can help you improve your focus and concentration, boosting your productivity. It can also support your immune system, allow your muscles to recover, and help you feel refreshed and more alert, to elevate your overall mood. A regular bedtime and waking schedule, along with seven to eight hours of sleep per night, can help you reap the most health benefits.

Getting started on your minimalist lifestyle

The new year is a perfect time to start new habits and get started on ways to simplify your life, clean out your home and give yourself a fresh start. Dedicate some time and energy toward hitting the “reset button.” By incorporating the tips above, you can enjoy lasting benefits for the whole year. You’ll be on the path toward a simpler, happier and less stressful life!

This article is for informational purposes only, and is not meant as medical advice.