Offering Easy Access to Virtual Mental Well-being Providers

Offering Easy Access to Virtual Mental Well-being Providers
April 9, 2023 Sue Riordan
Mental well-being providers

Today’s employees crave support for their emotional and mental well-being.

In fact, an estimated one in five people in the U.S. face a mental health concern each year1. So, it’s no surprise provider services are in higher demand than ever.

At Meritain Health®, we’re aiming to make it simpler for employees to connect with mental health providers when they need to. Working with Aetna®, our behavioral health network has grown bigger, now offering access to 307,000 specialists across the country. We’ve also added new virtual mental well-being providers to our network, making access just a click away.

Helping employees find support

With simplified choices, it’s easier to find support for whatever employees or their families are facing. They can choose care in ways they prefer—such as in-person, virtually, by phone or via text. Plus, many of our in-network providers treat a variety of conditions and age groups.

If members are living with depression, anxiety or other concerns, plan sponsors may direct them to the virtual well-being providers below. Each provider offers a range of services, from virtual therapy and coaching to evidence-based clinical support programs, for those of nearly any age.

Verifying eligibility

Services for members are covered according to employer plan design. So, it’s important to realize coverage can sometimes differ. Certain services might also vary by state and can be subject to change.

Therefore, we do advise members to confirm their eligibility first before receiving telehealth services. They can do this by logging in to their member website at or calling the number on their member ID card.

In the coming months, we’ll be expanding access to virtual mental well-being providers even more! Be sure to follow us here and check back for additional updates.

Contact your Meritain Health representative if you’d like more information.