As a Third Party Administrator, Being Different is a Good Thing

As a Third Party Administrator, Being Different is a Good Thing
June 19, 2019 Erica Manhardt


Companies often follow the lead of their competitors. If company A provides a product consumers seek, company B feels they can attract these same consumers by offering the same product. But it doesn’t always make sense to just “follow the leader.” Sometimes we need to take a chance and think about things a little (or a lot) differently. That’s how we move forward as a society, and invent, inspire and evolve.

Doing things differently doesn’t just help a company stand out to its potential customers. It also helps it do more—tackling more challenges, and helping more people or even making the world a better place. Sometimes, it pays to think differently.

Let’s talk about Third Party Administrators

In the world of Third Party Administrators (TPAs), there’s a few things you can expect. First, they’ll set your business up with a healthcare benefits plan. Second, they may offer customer service with a local, hometown feel. And third, they’ll serve as the back office, processing claims and paying providers. These are the hallmarks of working with a TPA for self-funded employee benefits. These are standard.

But what if a TPA offered much more?

What if a TPA was able to offer the trusted support you’d typically expect, but with additional services associated with fully insured plans—like superior network access, plus tools for cost avoidance and prevention? Setting the TPA apart from “the pack” and using its differences as an advantage to its customers.

Introducing Meritain Health’s Total Cost of Care

Meritain Health is more than just a TPA, more than just a claims payer and more than just customer service. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality, service and cost savings to our customers—and we believe that to achieve value in healthcare benefits, we need to address all three factors (they’re not mutually exclusive!).

We know employers want to lower their total cost of care, but also desire improved employee satisfaction, productivity and health. We provide traditional cost savings tools, such as network discounts and medical management; but our value lies in our ability to go beyond mere network discounts to lower overall costs throughout our entire catalog of whole-health products and services.


Let’s look at the experiences of two people named Hector and Anna.

Peace of mind

Hector was on his way home from work when a severe storm caused him to swerve off the road and hit a utility pole. The accident left him with a diaphragmatic hernia and a staggering bill from the hospital where he had surgery. High-cost claims negotiation provided by his healthcare benefits company—Meritain Health—helped reduce his bill by more than $120,000. Services like this, not typical of a Third Party Administrator (TPA), made all the difference to Hector. He was able to get the care he needed at a cost he could afford.

A healthy, high-risk pregnancy

Anna knew something was wrong. At just 14 weeks pregnant, she could barely eat or get out of bed. Diagnosed with hyperemesis plus other pre-existing health concerns, her pregnancy was placed at high risk. By working with a maternity management case manager through her Meritain Health benefits plan, Anna was able to deliver a full-term, healthy baby. She saved more than $90,000 by avoiding the need for emergency care and home healthcare. This valuable service provided critical support and guidance, exactly when she needed it most.

Hector and Anna are just two examples of the advantages a company can provide when it goes above and beyond the norm. Great things can happen when you think differently!

It’s good to be different

At Meritain Health, we’re not your average TPA. Let us show you how our innovative and well-rounded approach to lowering total cost of care can help you improve the lives of employees, as well as your budget.