Success Story: Cost Savings to the Rescue

Success Story: Cost Savings to the Rescue
July 23, 2021 Laura Dziomba
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When he thinks back, Brandon can still hear the sounds of screeching tires and headlights breaking. It’s only been a few months since his car accident. Though he’s feeling much better now, it was a pretty serious crash.

During the collision, Brandon suffered some injuries to both his head and neck. In particular, his doctors noticed his pituitary gland had been damaged. They explained this could have some effects to the way growth hormones gets produced in his body.

Once Brandon began his recovery, tests revealed his growth hormone levels were in fact too low. Going forward, he was going to need supplementation therapy to help with this deficiency. His doctors helped him understand how proper levels of growth hormone are needed to maintain healthy muscles and bones, and even contribute to brain function.

To get started, Brandon was prescribed a hormone replacement medication. However, it’s considered a specialty medication and can be very expensive. Additionally, Brandon would be responsible for paying the cost of it in full until he met his deductible.

Luckily, Brandon gets his health care benefits through Meritain Health®, which includes Meritain Health Pharmacy Solutions (MPS) and the CARE Program for medication support.

His CARE specialist reviewed his case thoroughly. Right away, she identified a few things she could help with. First, she wanted to enroll him in a savings program with the drug manufacturer to help with costs. This step could tally up $3,000 in savings immediately while Brandon still worked to meet his deductible. Working closely with his doctors, the manufacturer and a CARE pharmacist, his CARE specialist was able to get him enrolled in this program!

Next up, his CARE specialist helped Brandon get coverage through CVS specialty pharmacy. This would be helpful for future refills on his medication. By using the specialty pharmacy, Brandon could get the best possible price for his medication and take advantage of additional savings.

Finally, Brandon’s CARE specialist knew he had been through a lot in the short amount of time since his crash. She took some extra time to carefully explain his benefits coverage and how all this would work. She also encouraged him to reach out to her personally or contact MPS if any questions or concerns popped up down the line.

Brandon isn’t likely to forget the day his car spun off the road and caused him some life-changing injuries. But he’ll also never forget how having Meritain Health benefits, along with the CARE Program, helped him through a difficult time. He’s so grateful for the compassion he received and for the cost savings assistance! For the future, Brandon’s focusing on healing up day by day and getting his health back on track.


This story is based on an actual member experience. Names and information have been changed to protect the member’s privacy.

This communication is intended for informational, promotional purposes only. The reference to previous outcomes made as a part of this communication does not guarantee success or similar outcomes in any new or future cases, as the result of each case depends upon many factors, including but not limited to the facts of each case. Any actual savings will vary based upon numerous factors, and neither Meritain Health nor its affiliates guarantees any level of savings.