Meritain Health Podcast: The Importance of Mentorship

Meritain Health Podcast: The Importance of Mentorship
March 19, 2021 Lisa Winter
Importance of Mentorship

Our In The Booth podcast series is produced to provide you with valuable insights and fresh health care industry perspectives. Join our host, Bridgette Cassety, to stay current on what’s new and trending in the marketplace.

Featuring Veronica Medina, Regional President; Rashundra Gamble, Account Manager; and Malea Mitchell, Underwriting Manager from Meritain Health. Hosted by Bridgette Cassety from the Broker Engagement department at Meritain Health.

Why does mentoring matter? Female leaders share their insights:

  • Create your vision and spend some time on your career path. Dedicate time to determine your objectives.
  • Grab opportunities when offered.
  • As a mentor or a mentee, be willing to change.
  • Have diversity of thought. Surround yourself with people with unique or different perspectives.