Discovering the Power of a Wellness Program

Discovering the Power of a Wellness Program
October 13, 2022 Sue Riordan
Discovering power of a wellness program

Happy workplaces are healthy workplaces.

But, you may wonder how you can support your employees and make their individual health journeys a success. Discovering the power of a wellness program may be just the thing!

Why wellness?

Wellness programs help encourage preventive care, healthy habits and positive lifestyle changes. This can include things like seeing a primary care provider (PCP), seeking age-appropriate screenings, quitting tobacco, losing weight, or increasing exercise.

Programs aim to connect employees to health education, nutrition counseling, expanded mental health support, information on managing chronic conditions and other vital resources. Access can often be easily gained through a smartphone app or personalized website. Employers can set up rewards for employees who complete relevant tasks, too. Incentives can be added, such as spendable points, monetary bonuses or even prizes, like gift cards.

Benefits of wellness programs

Rewards aside, employees have a lot to gain from participating in job-sponsored wellness programs.

Having access to these types of activities encourages participation, creates a fun, competitive atmosphere and helps employees feel comfortable trying new activities with people they know.

As they get more comfortable, they may begin adjusting personal goals and trying more wellness options to feel healthier. Employees get the added benefit of reduced stress and improved morale at work, while employers may see a boost in productivity and overall employee satisfaction!

Why workplace health matters

A well-being plan serves as a guide to keep your employees on track.

Workers often juggle a packed work week, family commitments, and other day-to-day tasks that fill up schedules quickly. Busy lives, coupled with jobs requiring long hours of sitting, can negatively impact workers’ health.

For employers, this adds up with high-cost claims, increased time off and reduced productivity. Some of the costliest claims employers see are commonly linked to1:

    • High cholesterol.
    • Cardiovascular diseases.
    • Stroke.
    • Obesity and related disorders.
    • High blood pressure.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) notes over 157 million workers could benefit from workplace wellness programs 2. This gives employers a unique opportunity when it comes to supporting employee health goals. An added benefit is rewarding positive health habits may help drive down overall health care costs.

Creating a culture of wellness in the workplace is a great first step to preventing overwhelming health care spend and reduced productivity. Also, when you take time to prioritize employee well-being, you’ll be rewarded with better performance, increased employee retention and dollars saved!

Discovering power of a wellness program

Adding a wellness program to your plan is a powerful way to improve employee health and reduce total cost of care.

At Meritain Health®, we offer a variety of options to help you create your ideal plan. It’s easy to customize your wellness initiative and provide tools your employees need to engage and take control of their health!

Contact your Meritain Health representative to learn more.