Coming July 2022: Teladoc® Primary360

Coming July 2022: Teladoc® Primary360
April 27, 2022 Laura Dziomba
Primary 360 from Teladoc

When it comes to what’s trending in health care, there’s a “new kid” in town—virtual primary care.

What’s the buzz about? Telehealth has been on the rise during the pandemic, as patients have sought socially distanced care. And according to a recent article published by Fierce Healthcare, clinicians expect the popularity and adoption of telehealth to keep rising. Sixty-three percent believe virtual primary care could even bypass in-person care over the next five years.1

We understand how essential primary care is for keeping your employees healthy. And virtual care adds flexibility and convenience for a modern, seamless experience.

It’s also an opportunity to address some major pain points, including better health care access and higher utilization rates.

Plus, since studies show approximately 25 percent of Americans don’t currently have a primary care physician—virtual primary care can help them choose one easily.2

This opens the door to more personalized care, better outcomes, healthier patients and lower medical costs over time.

Introducing Teladoc Primary360

Along with Teladoc, Meritain Health® is now happy to introduce Teladoc Primary360 for primary care starting in July 2022. This new option delivers a modern and seamless experience, helping employees take charge of their health and wellness goals.

Here’s a quick look at what you can accomplish with Primary360:

    • Choose a primary care provider.
    • Schedule doctor visits from home, by video or phone.
    • Build an ongoing primary care relationship.
    • Receive unlimited Care Team support, 24/7.
    • Help employees reach current and future health goals.

Primary360 can also pair with in-person care to round out existing benefits.

Contact your Meritain Health representative for more information.