Success Story: Working together for a hemophilia patient

Success Story: Working together for a hemophilia patient
August 25, 2021 Laura Dziomba
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Trevor knows good teamwork when he sees it.

This is partly due to his profession—he’s a physical education teacher at his local high school. Teaching his students new sports and activities along with the value of working together is what he loves most about his job. It can get physically demanding though, and it’s not uncommon for him to endure a few bumps and bruises on any given day. After all, keeping up with the kids can get rough sometimes!

One day while at home, Trevor started noticing more cuts, scrapes and deep bruises on his arms and legs than was typical from the wear and tear at work. He had also been experiencing some severe nosebleeds. Trevor had an inkling something might be wrong. When he met with his doctor, those hunches were confirmed. He was diagnosed with hemophilia.

This came as a devastating blow, but Trevor’s doctor put him on medication right away to help with his symptoms. The prescription came in vial form and was very effective—but it also came with an extremely high price tag. On top of the cost, Trevor was noticing he was often having medication left over after he’d administered it. He was throwing away the unused portions on a regular basis.

Fortunately, Trevor gets his health care benefits through Meritain Health®. He also has Meritain Health Pharmacy Solutions and the CARE Program for his prescriptions. Because his condition required such a high-cost prescription, a CARE specialist was assigned to review Trevor’s case.

Working with a CARE pharmacist, his specialist went over the case thoroughly. Together, they took a look at Trevor’s dosing strategy to address why waste might be occurring. After researching with the dispensing pharmacy and collaborating with Trevor’s doctor, they found a solution.

Trevor’s CARE team decided to re-calculate his dosage plan and use smaller vials, which would result in zero waste. Even better, these new smaller doses would also be easier on his wallet! His pharmacist coached Trevor on this new strategy, and how to take his medication going forward.

One step further, Trevor was also enrolled in a copay assistance plan through the drug manufacturer, which lowered his out-of-pocket costs right down to $0! This move also saved his employer on the price of the medication, a savings totaling over $10,000.

Trevor is so thankful for his Meritain Health benefits and the CARE Program. Working together, his health care team scored him cost savings and an easier, worry-free way to take his medicine. Trevor is looking forward to getting back to the high school soon, but for now he thinks this is a win-win his students would be proud of!

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