Meritain Health® Transgender Support Services

Meritain Health® Transgender Support Services
June 6, 2022 Sue Riordan
Meritain Health offers transgender support services

The Medical Management Program at Meritain Health is proud to offer transgender support services.

Aimed to guide our members through critical stages of their transformation journey, these include behavioral health services, hormone therapy and medications, surgical services and more.

Knowledgeable case managers offer help with navigating benefits, from understanding plan coverage* to locating providers, to facilitating ongoing wellness and support.

What members can expect

From day one, members get matched with a small team of specialized nurses and licensed social workers, sensitive to their individual needs. The team handles each case from end to end. So, support is there from precertification to before, during and after surgery and treatments.

Our nurses and professionals are inclusive and bring years of valuable experience. Plus, they have passion for helping others achieve their best health.

Our commitment to improving access

We believe strongly in health equity. As Advocates for Healthier Living, we’re doing our part to improve access and close gaps to getting quality care for the LGBTQ+ community and every population.

Through programs like medical management, we’re helping employers and members stay up-to-date on what benefits are available. And they’ll have everything they need to use them to the fullest.

With our state-of-the-art platform, we’re also driving engagement and strengthening connections to education, community resources, medication, health outcomes and ROIs.

Contact your Meritain Health representative to learn more.


*Coverage for gender transition services depends on the health plan and certain state and federal laws.