CARE Program Hits Major Milestone

CARE Program Hits Major Milestone
April 19, 2022 Erica Manhardt

Our CARE team at Meritain Health® works hard every day. But their efforts in the first quarter of 2022 have helped them reach a monumental goal! During this quarter, the CARE team recorded savings for our members and clients of over $4.2 million. This figure exceeds forecasts for the entire year—in just three months’ time.

Available as a no-cost service within Meritain Health Pharmacy Solutions (MPS), the CARE Program from Meritain Health goes above and beyond to lower our customers’ total cost of care. Our savings of $4.2 million dollars on behalf of members and plan sponsors in Q1 alone demonstrates the opportunity we offer our plan sponsors to impact, and significantly reduce health care spending.

Team approach to good health and prescription savings

The CARE Program—which stands for Cost Avoidance Research Effort—is a proprietary service included with Meritain Health Pharmacy Solutions (MPS). It’s an integral piece that helps members and clients save as much as possible on high-cost, specialty prescriptions.

The program works by bringing together a team of clinical pharmacists, CARE specialists and account executives who collaborate and use their expertise to maximize savings, where possible. As part of Meritain Health, they operate as Advocates for Healthier Living.

How does the CARE Program uncover savings?

The CARE Program aims to guide members and clients toward better health. And concurrently, their focus is the best health outcomes for the lowest cost.

To do this, CARE team members use strategic methods to reduce overall spending. Some of these include:

  • Medication waste minimization.
  • Strategic plan review with clinical oversight.
  • Research to uncover lower-cost drug options.
  • Shifts in the site of treatment from medical to pharmacy, when appropriate.
  • Maximization of manufacturer assistance.

If you’d like to learn more about Meritain Health Pharmacy Solutions and the CARE Program, contact your Meritain Health representative today.