Coming Together for Better Employee Well-being

Coming Together for Better Employee Well-being
June 24, 2022 Sue Riordan
Beating burnout

Earlier this month, CVS Health®, along with more than 75 companies and non-profit organizations, pledged to support employee well-being across the country. They came together in an ad that ran in the New York Times.

At Meritain Health®, we feel lucky to be part of the CVS Health and Aetna® group of companies. And we know they’re at the forefront of a cultural changeover when it comes to mental well-being.

Though stress in the workplace may be nothing new, instances of chronic stress leading to cases of burnout do seem to be rising.

So, what is burnout? It’s not a medical condition. Instead, burnout is a syndrome resulting from chronic stress that hasn’t been successfully managed. The key features usually include:

    • Feeling depleted or exhausted.
    • Becoming less efficient professionally.
    • Being distant, negative or cynical about work.

Just a few years back, in 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) even added burnout to its International Classification of Diseases, calling it an occupational phenomenon.

Now, with stress levels at new highs, it’s important for employers to understand how stress can impact workers. Also, employees may need more help than ever to deal with their stress, mental health and well-being.

What is Meritain Health doing to help?

We’re supporting our own employees through a variety of tools to help manage daily stress levels. And we have multiple solutions we’re bringing to clients.

Flexible plan designs, plus our mental well-being and behavioral health offerings expand opportunities for members to participate. Program options range from our Healthy Merits wellness program to nurse health coaching and an employee assistance program (EAP) called Resources for Living®. There’s also telehealth counseling available, point solutions for substance abuse and more.

Together, we can all help beat burnout in the workplace.

Contact us for more information on tackling burnout and our well-being resources.