Meritain Health Podcast: Value-Based Care Solutions

Meritain Health Podcast: Value-Based Care Solutions
May 1, 2024 Sue Riordan
value-based care solutions

This special episode of In the Booth covers one of the hottest topics in health care today. Tune in to discover how, at Meritain Health®, we’re planning a shift toward more value-based care solutions over the next three years.

Our host, Bridgette Cassety, sits down with Nicole Bennett, Lead Director of Hospital Vertical and Network Strategy at Meritain Health. Nicole is passionate about value-based care and what it means for the future of health care. You’ll get to hear about the benefits value-based care brings, including how quickly solutions like this are expected to grow. Also, learn what plan sponsors, consumers and providers can expect to see as value-based contracts within network arrangements become more prevalent.

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