New Pharmacy Report Now Available from CVS Health®

New Pharmacy Report Now Available from CVS Health®
February 21, 2024 Sue Riordan
CVS Health report

CVS Health has released a new Rx Report for 2024. In it, you can discover findings from a survey of 4,000 adults. The report centers on community pharmacy, forecasting its future and detailing the latest consumer and industry trends affecting it.

Where can you view it?

The new pharmacy report is available on Or, use our link below to read the full report and download your copy: The Rx Report: The future of community pharmacy opens doors to healthier communities.

What are some highlights?

The 10-page report goes deep into preferences and how consumers currently use their local pharmacies. It also explores ways community pharmacies are uniquely positioned to impact better health across the industry. Below are a few highlights:

    • Nearly one in three Americans visit their pharmacy once per week or more. 90-percent of the American public lives within five miles of a retail pharmacy. And many people prefer going there for health care needs because they’re convenient and open evenings and weekends.
    • The future of pharmacy is both in-person and digital. Pharmacies are using more and more digital tools to enhance the consumer experience. For instance, many allow consumers to make appointments, track prescriptions, etc. using websites, mobile apps and text messages.
    • Community pharmacy helps to close gaps in health equity. Because of their presence in most communities, pharmacies are a convenient access point for people of all ages, races, ethnicities and socioeconomic status.
    • Most pharmacists would like to offer more clinical services beyond filling prescriptions. When surveyed, a majority of pharmacists expressed a desire to offer more services to customers, such as immunizations, diagnostic tests, counseling and general education. 87 percent also wished customers would ask more questions about their health needs. However, strains on the industry including staffing issues, burnout and economic factors make it difficult to do without more support.

You can read more from the new CVS Health report here. Meritain Health® is proud to be part of the Aetna® and CVS Health family of companies.