Meritain Health Validates Payment Integrity Results

Meritain Health Validates Payment Integrity Results
March 14, 2022 Laura Dziomba
payment integrity case study

If you follow us closely, you might know that Meritain Health® is passionate about lowering the total cost of care. To do it, we use a centered approach, focused on our four core pillars, which are: cost avoidance and prevention, access, payment integrity and actionable data. Together, these are the foundation behind how we help customers and members.

Additionally, in a health care climate with steadily rising prices—our pillars drive us to look for new ways to help employers protect their dollars and achieve savings.

Recently, we conducted an independent review to take a closer look at our payment integrity strategy. Specifically, partnering with Spring Consulting Group, LLC to conduct an actuarial review, our Payment Integrity Program was assessed to determine how effective it is in helping our customers lower their total cost of care. And we’re happy to say the results are in—not only in line with what we expected, but even better. Meritain Health recorded progressively deeper savings, year-over-year, due to our cutting-edge cost management approach.

We’ve now compiled these results into a brand-new case study outlining the pathway to cost savings with Meritain Health.

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