Expanded Mental Health Support for Meritain Health Members

Expanded Mental Health Support for Meritain Health Members
September 9, 2021 Laura Dziomba
Talkspace chat therapy

If you ask around, you just may find that most people you know are stressed out on some level. The past year and a half hasn’t been easy on any of us. Transitions to work-at-home or a hybrid work model, new safety policies and processes, and the fear of getting sick have weighed heavy on our minds. Now, with the Delta variant and a return back to the office for some, we have different reasons to feel stress once again.

These situations have taken their toll. According to recent research from Aetna1, 47 percent of respondents to their survey study (Mental Well-Being and Return to the Workplace in the Midst of COVID-19) worried about balancing work and family, and 49 percent continue to worry about health and safety. In short—as a society, we still have a lot on our minds.

The need for mental health support

Supporting employees’ mental health is more important than ever before. A return to the workplace may be seen by some as a positive and a return to “normal” life. But for those who were already feeling stretched too thin, this new stressor may be challenging their ability to stay on track and resilient.

Mental health support is a valuable—and critical—offering in an employee health care benefits plan. Expanding access to care is one way to address the need. Resources that allow employees to connect with a health care professional without the need to schedule, travel to and attend an in-person appointment make it much easier to get the mental health care they seek.

Aetna Resources for LivingSM

To provide Meritain Health members with support for every-day challenges and concerns, we offer Aetna Resources for Living. It’s an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that provides members with confidential counseling, legal services and other online resources to help them balance work, life and personal issues. Now, as part of Aetna Resources for Living, members have another way to connect with counselors for support and guidance. It’s called Talkspace and it helps expand access to mental health care to help members get the services they need, when they need them.

About Talkspace

What happens when a member is faced with incoming stress during a time when it’s not convenient to attend a counseling session? That’s where Talkspace comes in! During busy times, like the weekend or workday, members can use their RFL EAP sessions for chat therapy—connecting with a licensed counselor by text, video or audio message. They can get in touch to share their concerns anytime, and just about anywhere. And it’s as easy as 1-2-3:

    1. The member completes a short online questionnaire.
    2. They choose a therapist from a list of suggested providers.
    3. They connect with the counselor virtually.

Advantages of chat therapy

Once a member is able to get a concern off their chest or work through a challenge they’re facing, they can improve their focus and performance (if they’re at work) or even just their outlook (if they’re at home). The ability to deal with stress at the time it happens, rather than waiting for an appointment, can also help improve their quality of life. It’s a quick and convenient option for emotional support.

Want to learn more?

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been easy, and returning to work has placed new stress on many of us. But by expanding access to resources for mental well-being, you can help your members handle stress on the go, whenever they need support. It’s just another way Meritain Health is proud to be Advocates for Healthier Living for our clients and members.

To learn more about Talkspace, part of Aetna Resources for Living, just reach out to your Meritain Health representative.

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